Vectire the Crocodon
is the world's smartest Kremling who defected to the fuschia side of the force in order to get out of his abusive relationship with King K. Rood. Because of this he has found himself devouring souls occasionally. He also once saved a school from a huge-ass fire with his friends Snoic, Kunkes, and Bill Cosby. But evidently he went to jail afterwards for kidnapping some of the kids, which is rather impolite if you ask Cammy's brother, Spencer. But Sam just laughed.

Ultimately though, Vectire made his escapé, because he has a greater purpose to fulfill: FINDING THE COMPUTER ROOM. As soon as Vectire FINDS THE COMPUTER ROOM, he will be able to resurrect the grand great Crocodon spirit. He will bring along his brothers (Vector the Crocodile, Vetroc the Corcodile, Vectore the Coocoodile, Vecort the Concodile, and their incestual hillbilly cousin Vector the Alligator) and together they will slay the Ultima Antigod and free the world from the shackles of edge that were placed on it by Vectire's other deformed edgy brother, Shadoé, who is also secretly Maverick's sister.

They have quite an odd family, don't you fucking think?

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