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Top XX Traitors in Videogames (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

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You know the Excadrill, sign up only if you believe you can make the segment remember.

Sign-Ups (Closed) Edit

  • User:Stelios7 - Bobby Shearer/Domon - Inazuma Eleven
  • HeartlessSoliderLPs - Revolver Ocelot (Revolver Ocelot) - Metal Gear
  • ThePhantomRiolu/Sokemon210Master - Adachi - Persona 4
  • Joof "The Falconator" Shirogane - Wheatley - Portal 2
  • JP/The Omni-Slayer - Hazama/Yuuki Terumi - BlazBlue
  • Bobby/ The Animated Avenger- Axel - Kingdom Hearts
  • Alex - Kizami- Corpse Party Blood Covered
  • Themudkipman - Pyrrhon - Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Ty the Digital Pion-Fucking-NERRRRRD - Beat - The World Ends With You
  • Oblivion - Yasha or the Golden Spider/Chakravartin - Asura's Wrath
  • MaverickHunterZero75 - Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
  • Bolt of Shadow- ????? - Tales of Xillia
  • Nik/nifinland - Atlas - Bioshock
  • Noah (cooperraymer/The Hedgehog Ninja) - Neyla - Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  • Justin (nintendocountdown)-Dimentio-Super Paper Mario

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