The Scaled Platoon picture

The official picture of the Scaled Platoon.

Like many other members of the family, JrGamer27 has an army of his own. With a total of twenty members, the Scaled Platoon is probably in the middleground when it comes to the amount of members each army has, it isn't the biggest, but isn't the smallest either.

Their goals aren't really specified, since most of the members have different personalities and backstories of their own, but they can still manage to cooperate when needed.

Most of the members are JrGamer27's favorite characters in a specific game, movie or cartoon.

Members of the armyEdit


Empoleon logo
The team leader who mostly supervises the missions and communicates with leaders of other armies. As a Pokémon, his specific nature is Brave, which obviously means that he is courageous and is willing to fight for his team at any costs. Being a Water/Steel type, he is mostly talented in aquatic surfaces and is resistant to physical attacks. Due to being a large penguin, his wings are only capable of making him swim well and not fly, but that does not hinder him whatsoever.


Bowser Jr. logo
The bratty second-in-command. He’s mischievous, impatient and immature, but he only stays in the army due to being the first one to join (and also for being at such a high rank). Despite his size and turtle-like appearance, he’s fast, agile and quite strong. He is one of the two specialists in vehicle combat, though he does use melee weapons sometimes, with his main weapon being his Magic Brush.

Rainbow Dash being awesome

Rainbow Dash logo
One of the two females in the group, this rainbow-colored, tomboyish Pegasus is loyal, competitive and athletic but tends to brag a lot about her flying skills. Due to being extremely fast in the air, any quick missions involving the sky will be done by her. She doesn’t specialize in anything besides physical flight.

Sgt. Byrd

Sgt. Byrd logo

A British penguin capable of flying (though he no longer relies on his wings due to having a jetpack). He was raised by hummingbirds, which is why he knows how to fly. Coming from the military, he is strict and serious and is the weapons specialist of the group (at least when it comes to shooting weapons). Like Empoleon and Bowser Jr., he often leads missions.

145px-Taokaka (Calamity Trigger, Character Select Artwork)

Taokaka logo
A female catgirl and arguably the most childish member. She’s playful and confident, but can be lazy and she can easily get influenced by food, claiming anyone who offers her food is a good person. She also forgets a lot, and only remembers her friends’ names via nicknames. Despite her childish behavior, she is powerful and agile in combat, and only relies on her large claws to take down enemies.
Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi logo
A falcon who’s an expert pilot, and takes care of any aerial wars. He’s cocky and sarcastic, though he respects his comrades. Despite being a falcon, his jets (called Arwings) are his only method of flight, as his wings look more like humanoid arms. In battle, he can quick and acrobatic, and uses various futuristic weapons such as his Blaster to kill off enemies.
Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper logo
A raccoon who’s the most recent descendant of a long line of “Master Thieves”. He’s athletic and wise, but is humble to his abilities and treats his friends as equals. His signature cane helps him commit heists and he prefers stealth over brute strength, which is why he specializes in sneaky techniques and usually performs missions at nighttime.
Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown logo
An otaku who later becomes an assassin, this foul-mouthed anti-hero is the only human in the Platoon. Like Bowser Jr., he greatly specializes in melee weapons, specifically futuristic swords also known as Beam Katanas. He likes to goof around and usually responds with humorous sarcasm, despite being rarely serious; he is always motivated to complete his goal and any mission involving someone’s death, he does it due to being so used to assassinate people.
250px-All 4 One - Clank

Clank logo
A smart robot who has the title of “Hero of the Galaxy”. Alongside Sgt. Byrd, he’s the smallest member of the Platoon. Even though he can be slow to realize things, he always thinks before acting. His entire body can turn into various gadgets that give him certain abilities, like flight. He depends on technology and can barely fight physically; as a result, he often guides his teammates via security cameras in a base.

Keroro logo
A frog-like alien who refers Earthlings as “Pekoponians”. He has potential to be a leader but is lazy, greedy and sometimes crazy. Instead of planning attacks, he prefers vacuuming, playing with Gundam toys, watching anime and reading manga. He’s overconfident and always thinks himself of a true leader, but is still good friends with the others. His main kind of weapon is varied but he always forgets about them.

Dingodile logo

A sadistic pyromaniac who is physically a hybrid between a dingo and a crocodile (hence his name). Fierce and intimidating, this beast is almost always seen carrying his signature flamethrower, which is his main weapon. He speaks with a stereotypical Australian accent, often adding words of Australian slang like “mate” and “crikey” in his sentences. He enjoys picking on smaller people and despite his villainous character, he still cares for fellow members of the Platoon.

Chill Penguin

Chill Penguin logo

A robotic penguin that performs better in cold areas. He’s slow, but bulky and powerful and like Clank & Wheatley, he’s a robot with a mind of his own. However, despite that, he still does what he’s programmed to do; obey anyone who gives him orders and complete the tasks required. He is considered an anti-hero because he performs both heroic and villainous acts.


Wheatley logo

A round robot sporting one blue eye who was programmed to be the “dumbest thing ever”. However, he snapped due to his lack of intelligence and became a villain. He speaks with a British accent and is said to have joined the Platoon after Keroro found him floating in space. Due to still being untrustworthy, he is attached to a machine he cannot control and acts as a security guard.


  • All members except Rainbow Dash and Keroro originate from video games (Rainbow Dash is from a cartoon while Keroro is from an manga/anime).
  • Rainbow Dash and Taokaka are the only two females.
  • Despite being the Scaled PENGUIN's army, Sgt. Byrd is the only true penguin. Empoleon is a Pokémon based off a penguin while Chill Penguin is actually a robot. As a result, the Platoon technically has more robots than penguins.
  • Travis Touchdown is the only human being to be in the army. He's also the only one who comes from something targeted to adults.
  • The army's name comes from two things: the Scaled part comes from the Scaled Penguin and the Platoon part comes from the name of the army that the characters in Sgt. Frog are part of (which fits since Keroro's part of the Platoon).
  • Every member except Bowser Jr., Dingodile, Chill Penguin and Wheatley are protagonists of some sort.