Robot Dinoasur

The Robot Dinoasur itself.

The Robot Dinoasur is a minor character in the Meganman 2.0 fanfiction. It served as Wily's machine to stop Meganman 2.0 and prevent him (Dr. Light) from building Meganman again.

Actual purposeEdit

The Robot Dinoasur was originally a machine used by teenage couples to do suspicious stuff. It was advertised on Craigslist as "The ultimate virillity loss machine". It was very succesful, however, it killed many teenagers when Dr. Wily got control over it, but Meganman 2.0 managed to revive the teenagers when the Robot Dinoasur had its original settings again.

In the Gaming FamilyEdit

The Robot Dinoasur is very popular in the Family, and not just because of the typo in its name. It was actually used by some of the members, such as JrGamer27, to lose their virillity, although most of them got their virillities back. Nevertheless, the Robot Dinoasur, as well as Meganman 2.0, remained a popular icon on the Family. It currently works as a priest at an amazing place.
Char 2921

Dr. Wily, the asshole who is responsible for the failure of the Robot Dinoasur.

He is also a priest to The Cult of Randall. He sucks at it though compared to Jeff.