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The official wiki for TheGamingFamily1, a YouTube collaborative group for countdowns, tournaments, Let's Plays, and more! If you're an official member, make sure to make yourself a page, and whilst you're at it, add yourself to the Skype list. You're more than welcome to!

Our YouTube channel!

Our videos are mainly countdowns, contributed by many Family members.

Nerdy Randall's Fact of the Day

Randallism is dead.
Steve Grim, as he sits atop his new throne, treated to billions of new subjects standing before him

Wiki Staff


Our first ever YouTube icon.

Wiki Founder/Admin: TheWaterWak (Riley)

Admin: MaverickHunterZero75 (Mav)

Admin: JrGamer27 (Jeff)

Admin: Stelios7 (Stelios)

Admin: RetartedScraggyLikesPie (Caden)

Admin: Mawxy561 (Max)

Admin: Sokemon210Master (Sam)

Admin: TyTheRandomGamer (Ty)

Admin: The Bolt of Shadow (Austin)

Admin: The Heartless Soldier (Ethan)

Admin: Cammykins (Cammy)

Family Admins

  • Max, Leader of the Family, Admin of Pervert.
  • Riley, Co-leader of the Family, Admin of Mispronouncing Everything.
  • Caden, Admin of Tamama.
  • Fabian, Admin of Waifus.
  • James, Admin of Teh Musics.
  • ZeroMiles Ben, Admin of... Miles?
  • Sam, Admin of a Rogue's Legacy [all the references hehe]
  • Joof , Admin of Ace Defective Penguins.
  • Ethan, Admin of Super Mario 65.
  • Maverick, Admin of Kindliness.
  • Kitsune Hawk, Admin of SARDINES!
  • Niklas, Admin of "HE TOLD ME EXACTLY WUT TO DO!!!!!"
  • ZMurcielago, Admin of Teh Kitteh. :3
  • Ty, Admin of THE UMM.
  • Stelios, Admin of Coffee Flavoured Cookies.
  • Cammy, Admin of Voracity.
  • Mr. Weird, Admin of Stelios.
  • STELIOS BEECHEZ, Other Mascot of the Family, Admin of Hilarity.

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