Dates where special occasions shall be celebrated throughout the year.


January Edit

  • January 1st - "Fuck Last Year" Day

March Edit

  • March 17th - Familyversary Eve, Milk Day Eve
  • March 18th - Familyversary, Milk Day
  • March 19th - Post-Familyversary
  • March 28th - International Garage Day

April Edit

  • April 4th - Put-ya-guns-on Day

May Edit

June Edit

  • June 1st - Ty and Yang's Anniversary

July Edit

August Edit

September Edit

October Edit

  • October 12th - Pokemon Day

November Edit

December Edit

  • December 9th - Neptune Day
  • December 23th - Randallmas Eve Eve
  • December 24th - Randallmas Eve
  • December 25th - Randallmas Day
  • December 26th - Randallmas Eve²

Family BirthdaysEdit




  • February 6th - Christian Vegetable Day (Maverick's birthday)
  • February 14th - Mooxitines Day (Max's birthday)
  • February 24th - Boulder-Punching Day (Chris' birthday)
  • February 25th - Danish Alex Day(nish?) (Alexander's birthday)
  • February 26th - Maximum Maxime Day (Maxime's birthday)


  • March 9th - Austinsanity Day (Austin's birthday)


  • April 24th - Aura Thieving Sweets Day (Caden's birthday)
  • April 28th - Gotta Go At A Reasonable Pace Day (Alex's birthday)


  • May 5th - Heartless Day (Ethan's birthday)
  • May 10th - Feck Drink Girls Arse Day (PJ's birthday)
  • May 20th - Industrial Metal Day (Kira's birthday)


  • June 6th - Stelios Day (Stelios' birthday)
  • June 17th - Weeb Day (Kaiskov's birthday)
  • June 22th - The Bunker Busters Day (Fabian's birthday)




  • August 20th - A Day that will Live in Relative Obscurity (Hawk's birthday)


  • September 3rd - Omnitrix Day of Destruction (JP's birthday)
  • September 12th- Snob Day (James' birthday)
  • September 14th - UMM Day (Ty's birthday)
  • September 30th - The Day of Great Hunger (Alif's birthday)


  • October 2nd - Worldwide Butt Monkey Day (Aka, the only day Sam MIGHT NOT be the butt monkey for once (Note: I SAID MIGHT) (Sam's birthday. :3) 
  • October 7th - Worship Joof Day (Joof's birthday)
  • October 10th - Told Me Exactly What TODOOOO Day (Niklas' birthday)


  • November 7th - The Looney, Looney Loonatic Ninja day (Noah's birthday)
  • November 11th - Fangirlism/Clefairy Day (Danielle's birthday)


  • December 15th - Pervert Day (Ivan's birthday)
  • December 15th - Sideburns Day (Jared's birthday)
  • December 21st - Grand Apocalypse Day (Cammy's birthday)
  • December 29th - Fanfiction/Would-you-Rather Day (Marine's birthday)

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