This is for the music we will put in All-Whores. Huzzah.

For all stages, the first 5 songs are available from the start. The other 5 can be unlocked by various means.

It's a work in progress.

Stage ThemesEdit

Song #1 Song #2 Song #3 Song #4 Song #5 Song #6 Song #7 Song #8 Song #9 Song #10
Battlefield CITY ESCAPE MEGAMIX Battlefield (Melee) Battlefield (Brawl) Battlefield (SSB4) You Will Know Our Names The Encounter Boss Battle Song 1 Theme of Ryu That First Town Flood of Emotions
Final Destination Final Destination (Melee) Final Destination (Brawl) Final Destination (SSB4) Serpent Eating the Horizon My Innermost Apocalypse Melee Ver. 2 The God-Slaying Sword The Strongest Foe The Battle for Everyone's Souls Roar of the Departed Souls
Meta Crystal Metal Battle Metal Mario Fight One Who Gets in Our Way Mechanical Rhythm Rocket Surgeon Metal Shark Player Stage Cave Dungeon Powerful Metallic Mario Morpheus Project Bombs for Throwing at You
The Menu Menu (Melee) Colosseum Battle Menu (SSB4) Menu 1 (Brawl) Menu 2 (Brawl) I Wanna Take you for a Ride Character Select (Ultimate Marvel) Character Select (Chrono Phantasma) D.O.A. Menu (Excite Truck)
Meger Rayquazer Vs. Rayquaza (OR/AS) Vs. Rival (OR/AS) Flight to Space Sky Pillar (ORAS) Scars of the Divine Wing Mortal Battle with the Imperial Academy Id ~ Purpose The Wilderness of Sadness Finish the Promise Battle! Zinnia
Spinda's Face You Spin Me Round Top Man Stage (Genesis Remix) Route 113 (OR/AS)
Squirrel Nutty Ride Old MacDonald's Farmyard - Alton Towers Maple Treeway Cloud Cuckoo Land - Alton Towers Click Clock Wood (Fall)
Riley's Face
The Admin Chat
HP Smart Adapter
Nintendogs Benny
Mickey's Alaskan Dick Smasher Hikari Kingdom Orchestra
Gamer Mom Appears! WarioWare, Inc. PERFORMANCE Ruins (Wario Land: Shake It!) WarioWare, Inc. Medley Gamer Character Select Adrift Mako Reactor Dragon Battle Ashley's Song
Randall Heaven (stage of Nerdy Randall) Aquarium Park 1 Sacred Dawn Sky Lagoon (X) Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena Date Masamune's Theme Gusty Garden Galaxy
Stelioslair (stage of Stelios and Mudkeep) Mii Channel (Brawl) Go K.K. Rider! Aquarium Park 3 Opening Theme (Wii Sports) Wii Sports Series Medley
The Sheep Field (stage of Mr. Weird) Moo Moo Meadows (MK8) Athletic Forest Stage Athletics Scream Moo Moo Meadows (MKW)
Metal Gear EXCELSUS (stage of Senator Armstrong) Collective Conciousness It Has to be This Way Rules of Nature A Hot Wind is Blowing The Only Thing I Know For Real A Stranger I Remain Red Sun I'm My Own Master Now Lightning Strikes Melee Dance
Gren Hal Zone (stage of Kunkes) Green Hill Zone Green Hill Zone (Classic) Green Hill Zone (Modern) Green Hill Zone (SA2) Emerald Hill Zone Sunset Hill Act 2 Tropical Resort Act 1 Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1 Leaf Forest Zone (Winter Olympics Mix) Seaside Hill (Classic)
McDoals Inc. (stage of Squidward) Donald Fight Magma Team Fight Against an Armed Boss Pixel Peeker Polka ~ Faster Crash Man Stage (Genesis Remix) Bowser Jr.'s Mad
Bel-Air (stage of Will Smith) The Fresh Prince of Bob-Omb Battlefield The Fresh Prince of Onett The Fresh Prince of Green Hill Zone The Fresh Prince of Guile's Theme The Fresh Prince of Stardust Speedway The Fresh Prince of 3D Land The Fresh Prince of Quad City The Fresh Prince of a Dream Come True The Fresh Prince of Rock Roll YOU CANNOT GRASP THE TRUE FORM OF BEL-AIR
KFC (stage of Tyrone) Humoresque of a Little Dog Puzzle Plank Galaxy Mach 13 Elephant Explosion The Chicken Dance A Boss Approaches
Lylat Cruise (stage of Professional Brawl Player Moox) Corneria (Brawl) Positive Force Storm Owl Stage Star Wolf (Brawl) Corneria (Star Fox) Maximum Overfly Digger's Revenge Area 6 Boss B Battle! Colress
The Furrbitten Planet (stage of Fucksy) Claws for Alarm Hill Stream Blues Bluegrass Bobcat
Driftveil Drawbridge (stage of Nope, Ducklett) Driftveil Drawbridge Driftveil City Battle! Gym Leader (B/W) Battle! PWT Finals Battle! Gym Leader (B2/W2) Clash on the Big Bridge Clash on the Big Bridge ~ FFXII Version Battle! Reshiram / Zekrom Helmaroc King (HD) Battle! Trainer (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
The Swamp (stage of Shrek) I Need a Hero (Shrek 2 Mix) All Star All Star (Donkey Konga 2 Mix) What Are you Doing in my Swamp Jungle Level All Star Feat. Thwomp Imagine All Star People Smash Mouth vs Smash Mouth vs Smash Mouth
Crosis Cuty (stage of Sliver) Crisis City Crisis City (Classic) Crisis City (Modern) Burn Rooster Stage Lava Reef Zone Act 1
Oozma Kappa House (stage of Terry and Terri) Oozma Kappa Ocelot Youth ~ Confrontation Vs. N - Final Fatalize Roar
Lakeside Resort (stage of Ellie)
The Chum Bucket (stage of Plankton) Chum Bucket Lab Bucket Head Neptune The Man with the Machine Gun Slammin' Steel The Stains of Time
Sam's Room (stage of Mr. Sleep) Perilous Nation (Trinity Universe) The Ultimate Final Death Battle Era ~ Ameno (Remix) The Joker Rotten Legacy Fairy Tail Opening 16 Necrofantasia Zangeki Battle! Vs Team Flare! (SSB4) PAC-MAN's PARK/BLOCK PLAZA
The Xbax 359 Steps X-Backwards (stage of Chandle-Lure)
Jeff's Fish Tank (stage of Phil Dicks) Enter Bowser Jr.! YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #45: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Theme of M.O.D.O.K.
ICarly Studio (stage of ICarly) iCarly Theme iCarly Theme Instrumental
The Coke Factory (stage of Diet Soda Girl) Arrested by the Man Boss - Egg Cerberus & Egg Genesis Can o' Salt Rocket Rider Fast Track to Browntown Fight Against Smithy Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming No. 5 Vs. Parasite Queen Danger, Danger!
Detroit (stage of Raymond) Rooftop Run
Springfield (stage of Ned Flanders) The Simpsons Game Springfield The Simpsons Game Menu Big Happy Super Fun Fun Game Rock You Like a Hurricaine Everyone Hates Ned Flanders Ketchup Hit and Run Simpsons Road Rage Medley
The Fishing Boat (stage of Octodad) The Moving Gigantic Ship Blub Choir Octodad Dadliest Catch Nobody Suspects a Thing House Music Aquarium Hub Arcade Deep Sea Dance Kelp Music Stealth
Pizzeria (stage of Pizza Party Man) Popple Battle Club Penguin Pizza Parlor Pizza Party (Vocal) Pizza Parlor 2012 Pizzatron 3000 Papa Louie Level Select
Teletubby Land (stage of Dicksy)
Wii Fit Studio (stage of Laura) Training Music
Card-Jitsu Dojo (stage of Sensei) Card-Jitsu Card-Jitsu Snow Card-Jitsu Fire
Lollipop Forest (stage of Ninjabored Man) Lollipop (Lollipop Chainsaw Mix) Ninjabread Man Theme Lollipop Forest Cookie Caves Downtown AC Sweet Day Island Tour AC Sweet Day Sweet Sweet Canyon Sweets Park Gingerbread Man's Theme Blue Sky Athletics
Pokémon got Talent Stage (stage of Croagunk) MELOETTAAA!!! Stardom A Sweet Soirée Exciting Nimbasa! Contest! (R/S/E) That Sword, Dancing Magnificently Battle Mode - Battle 2 Pastoria City The Great Marsh Nimbasa City
Andy's Room (stage of Woody) You've Got a Friend in Me Woody's Roundup Andy's Room Cactus Carnival II Andy's Neighbourhood Grim Grinning Ghosts Toy Story Game Medley You've Got a Friend in Me (Para el Buzz Español) Cowboy SNES Strange Things
Sesame Street (stage of Kermit) Man or a Muppet
The Hospital (stage of Dr. Keroro) Dr. Mario Chill (SSBB Mix) Cardia II A Royal City Enveloped by the Night
Yokus (stage of Ooblar) Science Will Never Die Omega Pirate Battle
The Fury Organ (stage of Coppercab) Colonel and General ~ vs. Repliforce Get the Punk Out (Genesis remix) Oppression Final Battle with Red Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance! Master Fortress: Second Wave Slash the Demon
Flea Market (stage of PaRappa) Prince Fleaswallow's Rap Nathan is Our Boss Death & Honor King Kaliente RED ZONE
The Store (stage of Cool Guy) Cool Guy has Chill Day Get Thwompy INKT Downfall The Factory Pinked The Chase (de Blob 2)
The Gym (stage of Michael Jordan) Space Jam Main Theme (Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden) Final Boss (Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden) Slam U 2wise Over Through the Slams and Jams It's Raining Slams Slam of the Fates Ballers Never Cry The Only Dunk I Jam for Real Slam the Earth! ~ Plains of Passes
The Sand Ruins (stage of Meganman 2.0) Pharaoh Man Stage Overdrive Ostrich Stage (Genesis Remix) Scorching Desert Desert Commando Pharaoh's Last Dance Desert Maze - Vanallia Desert Scorching Desert (Remastered) Dozing Sands Secret Gerudo Valley Gritzy Desert (Brawl)
Inside the Microwave (stage of Microwave Man) Battle! Legendary Pokémon (D/P) Battle! Frontier Brain Battle! Giratina Fire Man Stage (Genesis Remix) Solar Inferno
Board Game Online (stage of Stupid Awal) Atlas Lightning Chariot Base So Far Away
Reggie's Pimpin' New Leaf House (stage of Reggiemin) World Map (Brawl Mix) Stage Select (Smash 4 Mix) My Body is Ready DJ K.K. Slider Jontina Rainbow Tylenol
Sammy's Slaughterhouse (stage of SammyClassic-SonicFan) It Has to be Ambiguous It Has to be Ambiguous (He Tried to Warn Us Mix) My Sword Shall Open the Way Scissorman Chase Scissorman Reprise
The Transforming Arena (stage of Ollie) LOL (KSI) Clubbed to Death Get Hyper Theme of Iron Fist
Hell (stage of Hades) The War's End Hades' Infernal Theme Boss Battle 2 ambience01 Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts Conclusion Lord of the Underworld (Part 1) Lord of the Underworld (Part 2) Final Destination (Tales of Symphonia)
The Old Faptop (stage of Necrophone) The Internet is for Porn Theme of Morrigan Yellow Heart's Theme Etna Rock
Sky Realm (stage of Steve Grim) Soccer Battle Gathering Circle FFI Go, Raimon Official Matches The Crusade of Gods Adversity Canon Evans Future Activate! Burning Phase Raimon High School
Cliff of the Wall Eyes (stage of Dio) Weakling, Weakling! Heritage for the Future Lonely Youth Ultimate Weapon Stardust Crusaders Lovable Guy Surpass my Aniki Fugo Pannacotta Theme His Name is Diavolo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1st Opening
Wiki Message Wall (stage of Sahar40021)
The Restaurant (stage of Pumkin) Marionette Purple II The Legend of the Strongest Man in Ikebukuro
Alien Street (stage of Tamama)
The Crowded Beach (stage of Waldo) Kapp'n's Song
Outer Space (stage of Russell Grant) Outer Space Egg Planet Blob in Space Twilight Space Twilight Space (Teckworks) Galaxy Man Stage Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) Interstitial World C.H.A.D.'s Broken Wind Moon
Olive Garden Battlefield (stage of Gavin Young) Wrath of the Reset Bomb (SSB4) Fearless Eyes
Orbital Gate Assault (stage of Wolf) Star Wolf/Sector Z
Evacuation Gate (stage of Gasshu) ...from the DEAD Deathtrap Mirage Fake Orchestra
The Nutrin Household (stage of Jimmy Nutrin)
Music Room (stage of Sebasatan Tute) Wii Music Theme Sebastian's Lesson Pitch Perfect Level Select Ode To Joy The Legend of Zelda O Christmas Tree Do-Re-Mi
Snow Town (stage of Jin) Lust Sin II Avalanche Yeti Stage Swipe of Sword
The Text Mountain (stage of Mack the Knife) How to Pronounce ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Dayum! Jerma's Pirate Marching Band
Brand X Tower (stage of Dex Dogtective) Boss Medley from Brawl (ver1.5) Gravity Beetle Stage (Guitar)
The Midnight Channel (stage of Teddie) Backside of the TV I'll Face Myself Reach out for the Truth (First Battle Mix) Fog Best Friends Break Out Of... A New World Fool The Almighty I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation) Shadows of the Labyrinth
Yamaku Academy (stage of Lilly Satou) Concord School Days Generic Happy Music Hokabi Red Velvet 2.0 Raindrops and Puddles Cold Iron Nocturne (Ultraklystron vs. NicolArmafi) Painful History (Ultrakylstron) Painful History (Dr. Dubtrot)
Shun's Bedroom (stage of Shun Kodori) melodious02 free0352 free0531 free0346 shop03 codekdr battle01 free22 free27 海峡の夏
Dangeris Fukin Volkano (stage of Spodermen) Spodermen THEME SONG! The FUN Song feat. Spodermen Spoder Style Old McSpoder
Disney TV (stage of Tyson Bandard)
The Aanadhapuraadam Mountains (stage of Theevan)
The Camera (stage of Freddie Benson)
Hornocus Mine (stage of Valkyrie)
Mansion Casino (stage of Jessica) Casino Street Zone Act 2 Casino Night Game Corner Roulette Bonus Casino Park Zone Shinny Journey California Lame
The White House (stage of Benjamin Franklin) The Star-Spangled Banner Cory in the House In the Space-Pirate Ship (SSB4)
The Construction Site (stage of Spud) Bob the Builder Vocal Bob the Builder Instrumental Mambo Nambo 5 Big Fish Little Fish
The Radio Tower (stage of The Last of Us Black Guy)
The Mosh Pit (stage of Zed) Zed Boss Battle (Phase 1) Zed Boss Battle (Phase 2) Zed Boss Battle (Phase 3) Riot Rhythm Viking Zombies Sail on Lightning Seas Bowel Purge Love for My Insane Lover Pac-Man Fever
The Jimbles Rocket Tour (stage of Jimbles Notronbo) Mute City (We Bros. X) Wings Cut Through the Night
The Death Whopper (stage of Burger King Stormtrooper) The Imperial March Anakin vs. Obi-Wan Star Wars Main Theme Duel of the Fates General Grievous
Kira's Woods (stage of Kira) ikd-sj - Supervagina Living Illusion - Why Battle with Onikage (Tenchu 1) Vampire Night Stage 5 Twister -KINGDOM MIX- Slipknot - Gently (MFKR) Chosen by the Moon Kuroi Light Divine Hate Collective Consciousness (Original)
The Video Game Board (stage of Glasses Sex Guy) Still Got the Midnight Blues Anticipation Mix Ain't That Funny
The Jungle Base (stage of Burner Man) Burner Man Stage Burner Man Stage (Genesis remix) King's Fortress (Genesis remix) Hornet Man Stage (Genesis Remix) Forest Funk Web Spider Stage Slash Man Stage Search Man Stage Soldier Stonekong Stage Bamboo Pandamonium Stage 1
The Warehouse (stage of The Mythsters)
Cloudsdale (stage of Rainbow Dash) Cloudtop Cruise Theme of Storm Lightning Battle Thunder Cloud Temple Storm Eagle Stage Higher the Air ~ Wind Crowrang Stage Tengu Man Stage (Sega Saturn)
Basilica (stage of Vashyron)
Smashville (stage of Princess Cammy)
Yasogami Siege (stage of Johney Young Vosh) Reach Out to the Truth Like a Dragon The Junes Hero Princess Amagi Missions for the Brilliant Executor A Fool Or Clown Poem for Everyone's Soul Pink Sniper Youthful Spirit Heartful Cry
Voice Acting Science Lab (stage of Troy Beaker) The Viper Snipe Anteator Stage
Infinite Dick (stage of Joof the Syrup God) Corneria (Melee) Bad Boys Johnny B. Goode Chill Penguin Stage (Original) Chill Penguin Stage (Maverick Hunter X)
Kalos Pokémon League (stage of Espurr) Pokémon League (X/Y) Elite 4 Battle (X/Y) Gym Leader (X/Y) Champion (X/Y)
Randall's Sacrifice Arena (stage of Mitt Romney) Border of Life
Snowpoint City (stage of Frosty) Snowpoint City (Day) Snowpoint City (Night) Hokkaido Do You Wanna Build a Snowman Instrumental Ice Cave Snowbelle City Ice Hockey Shop Mahogany Town Ice Cap Zone, Act 1
The Flooded Ruins (stage of Hooker in Church) Toxic Seahorse Stage
Bawstun (stage of Fred Fuckstone)
Tyne Bridge (stage of Newcastlemhull) Cheryl - I Don't Care (Instrumental)
Brennenburg Castle (stage of Pinkamena) Panic and Paranoia Danger is Close It Ends
Mountain Lab (stage of Trash Can Demo) Main Theme (TF2) Playing With Danger The Art of War Faster than a Speeding Bullet MEDIC! Upgrade Station Rise of the Living Bread It Hates Me So Much Red Bread ROBOTS!
The Pretty Cool Bakery (stage of Kevig) Brinstar Depths Master Hand Toad's Factory - Inside Guns & Roses Bowser's Galaxy Generator Snowman (Brawl) Elite Four Battle (OR/AS) Minor Circuit (Smash 4 Remix) The Mysterious Murasame Castle Medley Strike Man ~ Fusion Mix
Space Maize (stage of Sex God Iván) Angel Gifts Dominican National Anthem
Football Field (stage of Riley) The Sun Rises
The Plane (stage of Coldsteel) Theme of Dante Avak's Battle Dawn of the Dead
Rainbow Road (stage of VideoGameDunkey) Rainbow Road Medley Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Double Dash!!) Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii)
Samsgotbigtitsius (stage of Meta Pennis) It Ends 2 - End Harder Dark Side of Fate Green-Eyed Jealousy Wind God Girl Flowering Night Necrofantasia U.N. Owen was Her? Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke History of the Moon Battle of Fate
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (stage of Freddy Fazbear) Five Nights at Freddy's (The Living Tombstone) It's Been So Long Five Nights at Freddy's (Jupiter Maroon Remix) Puppet's Music Box
Carrion Isle (stage of Henry) Chaos (Ablaze) Storm Clouds (Ablaze) Duty (Ablaze) I Mean It! GO! Monstrosity Mastermind Menace Miscreant Assault (Galvanized) Annihilation (Galvanized)
Tartarus (stage of Junpei Iori) Block 6, Adamah Mr. Easy-Going Man Maze of Life Light the Fire Up in the Night (P3 Ver.) Light the Fire Up in the Night (DARK HOUR) Master of Tartarus Master of Shadow The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Reincarnation Mix) Unavoidable Battle Burn my Dread (Last Battle Mix)
Sen's Fortress (stage of Knight Solaire)
Castle Siege (stage of Ike) Eternal Bond The Devoted Crimean Army Sortie Against the Black Knight Preparing to Advance Divine Decree (Ablaze) Victory is Near Power-Hungry Fool Attack With Mila's Divine Protection
Tricell Laboratory (stage of Wesker) Theme of Wesker Winds of Madness Sad but True Executioner Two on Two Nemesis Nemesis Final Metamorphosis Deep Ambition Majini IX ~ In Flames Assault Fire
Waluigi Stadium (stage of Waluigi) Waluigi Scores Waluigi Pinball Island Open Academy Grounds Peach Dome Medley Waluigi Stadium Walrus Cove (Waluigi's Christmas) Boss Theme (Psycho Waluigi) Final Boss 1 (Psycho Waluigi) Final Boss 2 (Psycho Waluigi)
EM-ES Magma Cave (stage of Vert) Vert's Theme Keeps me Alive Tough Guard The Ruins of Ancient Lowee The Four Felons DOS Arfoire The Soul of Fight The Apostles of Fear Splash Purple Heart's Theme
Cathedral Underground (stage of Lewis Legend) Lewis Legend Boss Battle Vikke Boss Battle Mariska Boss Battle Josey Boss Battle Nuclear Fusion N.M.H.
Da Club (stage of Yang Xiao Long) I Burn (Club Mix) I Burn (Yellow Trailer Mix) Die Caffeine Theme of Captain America Boss Theme (Final Fantasy IV - DS) Moon River (∞ Climax Mix) Theme of Lu Bu
South Park (stage of Stan Marsh) South Park Theme Song Battle 1 Jimmy the Bard Boss Battle Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny Princess Kenny Let's Fighting Love
The Painting Room (stage of Rin Tezuka) Parity Daylight Everyday Fantasy Out of the Loop Wiosna
The Scare Floor (stage of Mike) Monsters Inc. Theme If I Didn't Have You (Randy) If I Didn't Have You (Mike and Sulley) The Scare Floor Field Trip Mike's in Trouble The Ride of the Doors Levels 1-3 Final Boss (Monsters, Inc.) Credits
Colony 9 (stage of Reyn) Gaur Plains Confrontation with the Enemy Colony 9 Xenoblade Chronicles Medley Unfinished Battle To the Last Battle Time to Fight! Gaur Plains - Night Tragic Decision The Valedictory Elegy
Living Room (stage of Coffee Table) Friends Theme Friends Theme Instrumental Club Penguin Coffee Shop
Finland (stage of Nikshaker) Finland
Bikini Bottom Zone (stage of Snorksbob)
The Spoopy Mansion (stage of Spoopyman) Spooky Scary Skeletons Spooky Scary Skeletons (The Living Tombstone) Electro Sp00k 2Heavy4Me Spooky Scary Skeletons (Ayde) Spooky Scary Skeletons (Jäger Mix) Zero Stage 2 Betus Blues Future Fuckballs 2010 Assholevania
Gr8 G8 (stage of Inigo) Conquest (Ablaze) Fire Emblem Meeting Theme Series Medley Mystery of the Emblem Medley Boss Battle (Rockman 4 Minus Infinity) In the Name of the Emblem "You don't know the first thing about peace. No man does!" Malefactor Aggression (Galvanized) "Here we are! The Shepherds' garrison!"
Logging Center (stage of Bad Box Art Mega Man) Theme of Mega Man (Street Fighter x Tekken) Cut Man Stage Cut Man Stage (Mega Man X Soundfont) Cut Man Stage (SSB4) Cut Man Stage (Genesis Remix) Cut Man Stage (Rock) Guts Man Stage (Mega Man X Soundfont) Guts Man Stage (Cammy) Fire Man Stage (Mega Man X Soundfont) Unbreakable Determination (Mega Man X Soundfont)
Arena Ferox (stage of Chrom) Champion (Ablaze) Old Battlefield Id ~ Hope Prelude (Ablaze) Training (Galvanized) Rival "Don't you put any stock in this destiny hogwash!" A Violent Encounter Counterattack Who's That Child
S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Show (stage of Masktaster) Theme of Taskmaster Theme of Wolverine Theme of Rocket Raccoon Theme of She-Hulk Theme of Spider-Man Theme of Dr. Strange Theme of Chun-Li Theme of Spencer Theme of Sentinel Theme of Nemesis T-Type
The Jerma Arena (stage of Cap'n Crunch) The Final Countdown (London Symphony Orchestra) Lightning Battle Arena Killabilly Boss Battle Infinity Mijinion Stage Battle 2 - Ambushed Can't Stop Steel Python
Northern Express (stage of Klonoa) Northern Express Stepping Wind Polonte Ver. 2 No Jokes Around The Closing Encounter Cursed Leorina Volk Burning The Rongo Lango Facade and Blade Sign of Hero
Junes (stage of Rise Kujikawa) Junes True Story True Story (ft. Marie) True Story (ENG) Teddie's Theme Laser Beam Twinkle Star Light the Fire Up in the Night (P4 Ver.)
Lumbridge (stage of Slayer the Gnome Child) Haven't you Got Eyes in your Head
Rooftop (stage of Tommy Wiseau) The Room Theme Battle with Chris R
The Twilight Realm (stage of Midna) Midna's Lament Remnant of Twilight Zant Battle Morpheel Battle Second Half Darknut Hyrule Field Main Theme Hidden Village Diababa/Stallord Battle First Half Stallord Battle Second Half Fight to Live
Latveria (stage of Doctor Doom) Theme of Doctor Doom (MvC3) Theme of Doctor Doom (MSH)
The Flying Pussyfoot (stage of Isaac Dian) The Chase (Hell Yeah!)
Second Fair Ale Guild (stage of Gay Fullbutt) Fairy Tail Theme Dragon Force Sannin no Dragon Slayer Lightning Flame Dragon Roaring End of the Fierce Battle Bucks Thieves Haja no Sen Kaze Champion of Magic Third Generation Dragon Slayer Cobra the Poison Dragon
Frantic Factory (stage of Lanky Kong) Frantic Factory Mad Jack Demon Resident Mine Cart Army Dillo 2 King Kutout Hideout Helm DK Rap DK Rap (Smash) he has no style Final Boss (Banjo-Kazooie)
Heritage Museum (stage of Makoto) Alexandrite Alexandrite II Science Fiction Spirit of Fire Sword of Doom II The Tyrant Ground Scaravich Stage
Pokémon Stadium (stage of Pichu) Bell Tower Pokemon Stadium [Melee] Poke Floats [Melee]
The Fantastic Game (stage of Vinny) SO MUCH TO DO SO MUCH TO SEE Ken Ashcorp Reversed The Yellow Museum Mahna Mahna I Want a Cookie Propane Nightmares Circlefriend Fightyplace Moonsong There Enmity of the Dark Lord
Windows XP (stage of Joel) Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (MIDI) All Star (MIDI) Sandstorm (Reggae MIDI) Raining Blood (MIDI) The Final Countdown (MIDI) In the End Creative Exercise Mario Paint Medley Sandstorm FUCK YOU CANCER!
Mayor's Office (stage of Isabelly)
The Island of Sodor (stage of Sir Topham Hatt) Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Engine The Fresh Tank Engine of Bel-Air Drop it Like it's Hot feat. Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas in Da Club Jay-Z the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine is Back in Black Thomas the Tank will Rock You Through the Fire and Trains Thomas the Serj Tankian Engine
Starfall Skies (stage of The Chin) Starfall Heart of Courage Black Blade Archangel Dragon Rider To Glory For the Win Protectors of the Earth Blackheart Strength of a Thousand Men
Gerudo Valley (stage of Fast Old Manondorf) Gerudo Valley (SSB4) Dark World / Dark Palace Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time) Gerudo Valley (25th Anniversary Symphony) Yuga Battle (Hyrule Castle) Ballad of the Goddess / Ghirahim's Theme Ganondorf Battle (Twilight Princess) Ganondorf Battle (Wind Waker) Dark Lord Ganondorf Ganondorf Battle (25th Anniversary Symphony)
Solar Conquest (stage of Ultimateguy97) Roblox Theme Gothic Theme of Nova Red Planet Battlerock Galaxy The Opened Way The Skiver Stage
World 2-Castle (stage of Roy) Castle (NSMBW) Fortress (NSMBW)

Boss Theme (NSMBW)

Airship Theme (Brawl) Volcano - Outside Fortress Boss (SSB4) Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla Boss Battle (Superstar Saga) Castle/Boss Fortress (Brawl) Ultimate Koopa
Salazar Castle (stage of Leon)
Hogwarts (stage of Homing Snaper)
Mushroom Kingdom: Edge Edition (stage of Toadsworth)
Civ V India (stage of Gandhi)
Hellsing Mansion (stage of Alucard)
The Laboratory (stage of Split Mushroom)
Seafloor Cavern (stage of Archie) Battle! Vs Archie/Maxie! (R/S/E) Battle! Vs Archie/Maxie! (ORAS) Mt. Chimney/ Seafloor Cavern (ORAS) Battle! Vs Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza! (R/S/E) Battle! Vs Primal Kyogre/Groudon! (ORAS) Battle! Vs Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza! (HG/SS) Encounter! Archie/Maxie!
Mt. Chimney (stage of Maxie) Battle! Vs Archie/Maxie! (R/S/E) Battle! Vs Archie/Maxie! (ORAS) Mt. Chimney/ Seafloor Cavern (ORAS) Battle! Vs Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza! (R/S/E) Battle! Vs Primal Kyogre/Groudon! (ORAS) Battle! Vs Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza! (HG/SS) Encounter! Archie/Maxie!
WWE Ring (stage of John Cener)
Kouya's Apartment (stage of Kouya Aotsuki)
Cairo Streets (stage of Jotaro)
Corneria (stage of Falco)
Jiang Xi 2 (stage of Sheng Hua Nan)
Tarnax IV (stage of Super-Skrull)
Steampunk London (stage of Abraham Lincoln)
Wrecking Crew (stage of R.O.B.)
Everfree Forest (stage of Fluttershy)
Eurasia (stage of Zero) Enter Zero Theme of Zero (MMX2) Theme of Zero (MMX3) X vs Zero Cannon Ball Enter Zero (MMZ) Sky Lagoon (Zero) Theme of Zero (MvC3) Stranger in the Desert Falling Down
Arena of the Final Needle (stage of Lucas)
The Hockey Arena (stage of Dan the Duck)
Meme Run (stage of xXx_rude_xXx)
Ice Cream Lacrima Crystal (stage of Vanilla Gajeel) Kurogane Erza Vs Erza Mystogan's Theme Makarov Vs Hades Pantherlily's Theme Hagane no Hakunetsusen Shippuu Jinrai Seven Kins of Purgatory Black Flame Dragonslayer
Ninth Annual Dallas Mower Expo (stage of Hank Hill)
Pokémon Stadium XD (stage of Eevee)
Ice Cave (stage of Regice)
Kino der Toten (stage of Hitler)
??? (stage of Aces)
Mute City (stage of Captain Falcon)
Eterna Forest (stage of Mega Lopunny)
Sharliton Mansion (stage of Rowen) A Merchant Town Full of Life Clenching the Fists Indomitable Fists that know no Equal Keep Pushing, Until the Sword is Exhausted Believe in Oneself Battle for a Future to Believe in If It's For You ~ Song 4 U Betting on the Last Guide Splendid Dance Performance of a Spirit For the Sake of Mutual Proof
The Mystery Machine (stage of Shaggy)
??? (stage of Jinx)
Beacon Academy (stage of Ruby Rose)
Wankface's Room (stage of Wankface) Tomodachi Life (SSB4) Rankings Board - Popularity Ranking Unforgivable Metal Pop Rock 'n Roll Ballad Opera Techno Musical

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