The Element 10 is a group of 10 of the main villains of the game and they all serve one different element and all of them serve a different backstory and a purpose to joining the dark group. Their plan is to find the lost land of Halsakato which is a land filled with beautiful landscapes and power. Not just some ordinary power either, but a power that can in the wrong hands destroy every town and village in all the land which is what the Element 10 is wanting to do.  

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The final chapter takes place in Halsakato where the group split up to defeat all of the elementals in row in order to break the secret.

The TeamEdit

Elemental 1 is called Cecilla and is the Ice Elemental

Elemental 2 is called Zokko and is the Wood Elemental

Elemental 3 is called Iris and is the Fire Elemental

Elemental 4 is called Steven and is the Wind Elemental

Elemental 5 is called Marxu and is the Iron Elemental

Elemental 6 is called Felicia and is the Light Elemental

Elemental 7 is called Majit and is the Water Elemental

Elemental 8 is called ??? and is the Thunder Elemental

Elemental 9 is called Katrana and is the Darkness and Ground Elemental

Elemental 10 is called ??? and is the Black Magic Elemental