I'm just some Irish guy. I think the only one in the Gaming Family. The reactions were priceless, really. I think. I can't remember. XD

I make Countdowns on YouTube and I went by the name Spartamixfan. Why? DON'T ASK! Because I haven't got a clue as to why.
A Celestic Warrior Production Intro00:24

A Celestic Warrior Production Intro

A Celestic Warrior Production Intro

See that thing above this? Yeah. My intro. And I'm hoping that this one will be permanent. Also, there's a slight change I made to it in my recent countdown. Which is this. 
My Top 10 Most Wanted 3DS Games16:57

My Top 10 Most Wanted 3DS Games

My Top 10 Most Wanted 3DS Games

I'm not gonna ramble any longer. Go to my channel for more.

What the other members think of himEdit

A great countdown maker, a good person to talk with, and the only member of the family who has a sexier accent than mine - Tommaso

A great friend and a fun Pokemon rival, always become part of a strong motivation for me to continue making countdowns and other videos. Also a marvelous joker and jokee - Alif

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