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The Black Rose
This is a black rose. The Black Rose likes black roses.

Real Name

Cameron "Cammy" Lacepay

Usernames/Other Names

The Black Rose, LivingOilSlick, Cammykins, Rose






December 21, 1997

Position in the Family

18th Admin



The Black Rose (also known by his stoopid former Youtube name, LivingOilSlick, and his real name, Cammykins Lacepayus) is a Scottish Ninja Pirate Gangster who loves pizza. The Almighty has royally decreed that he is not a faggot and is the best member (tied with Kira) because he knows that it is "aluminium" and not "aluminum".


Cammykins was born a mortal in circa 18,000 BC. This was shortly after The Cult of Randall was created by The Ancients, and Nerdy Randall required the blood of a thousand sacrifices each year. Cammykins was Sacrifice #688 in 17,992 BC, and was the first and so far only sacrifice to attempt to fight back. As he did so with honor and discipline, Randall decided to let Cammykins go, granting him immortality and the voice of gods. However, he created two clones of him: one so that Randall would still get the sacrifice he needed, and one accidental one that inherited the immortality and went on to become Mitt Romney. It is also rumored that Cammykins killed The Ancients by using his voice to turn their dicks inside out, but there is no evidence to support this.

Cammy has been with the countdown community for a very long time (since back when The Autarch was still using WMM). Back then he had the Youtube channel Someguywithproblems (don't bother looking it up, it's dead now), and he pretty much just used it to comment on stuff and be a massive dick to other commenters that he felt were thinking irrationally and other stuff like that. After a few months he deleted the channel for some reason. A year or so later he created the channel LivingOilSlick, which for some time he used for commenting, viewing, and late in its life, countdowns.

He had always aspired to be a countdown artist but never felt it was possible for that to actually happen. Then in late 2012, he became dedicated and gathered up the software and hardware to finally make his own countdown, which resulted in his list of his top 10 most hated boss battles. The list was met with incredible reception with positive comments from The Autarch, Joshscorcher, Itionobo, and Quarter Guy, among many, many other people. It barely took 2 weeks for Cammy to gain 1,000 subscribers, and a month later he released a video of his top 10 favorite introductory boss battles, which was met with praise as well, but never garnered any more than 1/3 of the views. Then Cammy did a collab with ObsidiusFan, who went on to become one of his best friends in the community, of the 6 Cobra Unit members from Metal Gear Solid 3 from worst to best. Cammy sounded like a robot. Then, after several months of slacking, Cammy finally released his top 11 favorite factory levels in video games, which, while not having nearly as many views as either of his previous solo works, is considered by him to be his best by far. Then he tried to make a list of his top 10 most annoying enemies in video games, but the stress of the quickly-approaching school year and all the new games he was playing forcing him to change the list constantly caused him to scrap the list and go on a hiatus which he is currently still on. During this hiatus, he joined the Gaming Family, and has since appeared in their top 11 undead characters list.

Then in late-ish January, Cammy lost his Youtube account, as well as every single one of his videos, to a windstorm of Google bullshit. It was terrible, and he has a new account now. But LivingOilSlick will forever be remembered in all our hearts as a true hero.

Since then, he has acquired Adobe Premiere and done fuck all else because he's lazy. But he still likes working on group things and being in the Family.

On July 17, 2014, Cammy was promoted to being an admin in the Family, making him the most recent Admin.


As LivingOilSlickEdit

12/15/2012 - Top Ten Least Favorite Boss Battles in Video Games

1/4/2013 - Top Ten Best Introductory Boss Battles in Video Games

3/31/2013 - Top Six Cobra Unit Members (with Julykins)

5/13/2013 - Top Eleven Factory Eleven Factory Levels in Video Games

10/31/2013 - Participated in Top Eleven Undead Characters in Video Games

As Black RoseEdit

3/4/2014 - Top Six Cobra Unit Members was Reuploaded by Julykins

4/20/2014 - Top 64 Mega Man X Maverick Themes - Part 1 (64 - 57)

7/31/2014 - Top 64 Mega Man X Maverick Themes - Part 2 (56 - 49)


Cammy is shy, shy, and shy. He's typically quiet and calm in real life, and really and truly is a kuudere. Like everyone, though, else he has his moments. That, and he has a habit of devolving into constant laughter at tiny things, sometimes for up to five minutes, in the middles of calls. He looks for the best in people and tries to treat everyone like a friend, but if you get on his bad side then you will likely get the cold shoulder. He's a huge slacker when it comes to countdowns, but strangely when he starts working on something he's very focused on getting it done. He isn't competitive at all, and is not assertive in the slightest bit. Beyond this, Cammy has a quick wit, a dry sense of humor, and a deadpan way of talking. This can mean that people often either love him to death or hate his guts, and he very often exaggerates to make his points. Whenever he makes a mistake and offends someone, though, he tends to not "recover" from it, and in his attempts to cheer them up just makes the situation worse.

He's also shy.

And a dick.

Miscellaneous CrapEdit

  • Cammykins loves pizza.
  • Cammykins has two apprentices, one of which is in the family and one of which is currently training himself to join. They're both sexy.
  • Cammykins convinced Siri that his name is Sir Steven John Henry Larry Harold Billy Michael Billy Bob Joe Hoopy Hip Hop "Mister Man" Cotton Alley Rob VIII, Supreme Almighty Overlord of the Hardboiled Beef Cakes and Cream Gravy from the Northeastern Part of Capital Hill.
  • Cammykins REALLY loves pizza.
  • Cammykins likes action-adventure games the most, and his favorite console is the Nintendo 64.
  • Pizza.
  • Cammykins' greatest inspiration for everything is Barry Kramer.
  • Cammykins only has about 3 friends in real life.
  • Cammykins is bisexual.
  • Cammykins loves everyone in the family, and has given almost everyone hugs on multiple occasions.
  • Cammykins was the one who rebooted All-Whores.
  • Cammykins is widely considered to have the "best" voice in the family.
  • What's your favorite letter~
  • Mine's the squiggly~
  • Piiiiizzaaaaaaaa!~

What do his Familian Brethren and Sistren have to say about him?Edit

He'z too kewl. I WILL VOTE FOR HIM! - stiloose


  • I'll second this. - Stelios

Quotes Edit


"Aluminium is legit. #2legit2quit"

"I love Jof."



"And then silence."

"It was interesting."

"Good morning."


"That is something you should change."


"Oh my fuck."

"THANK YOU EVERY I LOVE" - Upon being promoted to an admin


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