Tanuki Crow, or Crow for short, is Hawk's archenemy. Everything he is, Crow may very well be, as well. An enemy of the family, Crow plots to shut it down, one by one, starting with Hawk and anyone who tries to defy him.

Rumor has it that Crow is Burwood's nephew.

Hawk vs Crow

Hawk (left) and Crow (right) engaged in battle.


Just as Hawk can assume his Kitsune/Fox Girl form, Crow can assume his own Tanuki/Raccoon Girl form, with similar abilities.

  • Shapeshifting
  • Optical Illusions
  • Spirit Flames (Hawk) / Spectral Ice (Crow)

What others think of CrowEdit

  • You have no style, copying me like you think it does something. You just end up looking dumber than you already are. -Kitsune Hawk
  • Wait, what, who, when, why, what? ~ PlatinumBlade13
  • All who defy Lord Hawk earn my wrath. ~The Water Waka (Reference get?)