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Samuel Phillipson, The Zephyr Rogue
New logo
Sam's Current Logo

Real Name

Samuel Marc John Phillipson

Usernames/Other Names

Sokemon210Master, The Zephyr Rogue, Mr. Phillipson, Ucowgn, Phisa Anpoo Samuel "Zephyr Rogue" Phillipson, Butt Monkey, Plebian, Death Fodder, Gay Fullbutt, (Loli)Cum dumpster, The Milky Way

Occupation on the Internet

YouTuber, Deviantartist, Pleb





Birth Date

October 2nd 1998

Position in the Family

Admin (7th Admin)




Video Games, Anime, very rarely Books


Youtube DeviantArt Anime Planet

If I had 10 seconds to say whatever I wanted to the world, I'd tell them to never take life seriously, and to just be yourself. ...And that Orange is the name of my Loyalty.
Sam, 2013.

You know sometimes I forget I'm from the same cunty as rabbidluigi sometimes as well.
Sam, 2014.

I'm not gay, I have a penis!
Sam's dumb logic on a very bad day.

Sokemon210Master is a member of The Gaming Family. He is the person who typically (and by that, I mean always) creates Youtube Backgrounds for the family and others (It's because I'm a nice person). He has accounts on other websites, such as DeviantArt, FanFiction & Newgrounds (Even though I never use any of them anymore lol). He is not only just part of TheGamingFamily, but also part of TeamBoccia14 (This doesn't exist anymore peeps lol). His real name is Samuel Phillipson, and is one of the British members of the Family. Along with Riley (The Water Waka), he is one of the more random and crazy members of the Family. He is also one of the most dirty minded of the group, which can make him EXTREMLY entertaining at points. Recently (And by that I mean god nows how many months ago), his mic, Mike, died, and since then, he's gone insane (Until I got this fuckin awesome headset). His favourite video game series of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog, and has lead him into the world of video games. His fourth favourite game of all time is Sonic Heroes, his first ever video game. He is also a big fan of the Pokémon series, and his second favourite game of all time is Pokémon Black 2. Back in April, He also bought a 3DS (Possibly the best desicion in my life) and with it, he bought Kid Icarus: Uprising, and loved it. To date, it's his 5th favourite game of all time. He created the 'Hey look, an Exo Tank, Hey look, who cares?' meme (Which I gave to MaverickHunterZero), and made the picture of the STAY OUT OF MY SHED meme. He can also make some REALLY bad puns. Samuel is also one of the more competetive people in the family, but he does scream and shout (Not like a baby, more like chuggaa) if all odds are against him in a game. Even the most common mistake can get him to shout "OHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHGGGAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWDDDD".

God to think this was me back in 2012. Mang, I've changed a lot.

Samuel is actually one of the more calm, yet can be one of the loudest members of the group. Due to an incident in 2013, he has strangely distanced himself from the Gaming Family Chat (Something that still irritates him), but that's besides the point.

(PS, this section will never be changed, only added to)


Before Youtube:Edit

Samuel has been watching vids on YouTube since 2008, and still watches the first video he ever saw on youtube (Right here). He always used to come home and either play Club Penguin or a game on Andkon, and watch stuff on Youtube, it was like an addiction. He did this for 2008-2010, Until June...

Sokemon210Master is Born:Edit

In June 2010, he decided to make a YouTube account, as he wanted to be an Lper like Chuggaaconroy & Marriland (A big fan of both even now). He uploaded the boss fights against Maxie from Pokemon Emerald (Right here). Then did a boss walkthrough of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, but cancelled it after Queen Bean as he lost the ROM (Playlist here). Eventually, in mid-March, he wanted to do Awesome Video Game Music videos, but he renamed it to Epic Video Game Music, as he wanted to be a little bit unique (Playlist here).

As The Shiny Katana Of Epicness:Edit

Then in October, he brought a Dazzle Capture Card, as he wanted to Lp his favourite game of all time, Sonic Heroes, but had to insert the music, as he knew jackshit about capture cards back then. He completed Team Sonic's story, then cancelled the Project after entering depression. He hid the fact he was depressed because he didn't want anyone else getting involved. Sometime in early January (2012), he broke up with his GF as he was in depression, and became very quiet around others, and never talked, earning him being picked on a lot at school to answer a lot of questions the teachers ask him, and being slightly bullied. Then he met Maxyboy561, who then soon became great friends with, before he knew about The Water Waka, The Phantom Riolu  , The Speed Buster, etc. While in depression, he found out about the gaming family, and joined after around 2 hours of the Gaming Family existed. He only joined the chat on Skype around mid April, and since then, he's never one to stop talking. He's almost always on at weekends, and roughly around 9 hours of school days.

The Solaris Project Begins:Edit

He then started to watch The Great Clement (Clementj642), and that encouraged him to get back into editing, thus ending his state of depression. He started a Sonic Advance Trilogy lp, after watching Clement's lp of the series. The holidays have passed, and has he worked on anything? Yes, and no. Yes as he tried and tried, and no because everything he made wouldn't upload or would be cancelled. He has also started to write a story, and has a wiki up for it.

The Zephr Warrior:Edit

He has cancelled his Sonic Advance trilogy lp a due to lack of effort, and is now re-attempting countdown making...and writing. In December, from an event with Humanutopia (FB here, YT here), his courage has perked up immensley, and now has the dream of becoming a proffesional voice actor. He also made his very first countdown, Top 10 Final Boss Themes, which got a decent reception. Now in the New Year, he is planning a couple of collabs and hopes to get more done. He has officially quit Lets Playing too. On March 29th, the day after his Team Sonic Finale 1 Year anniversary, he finally uploaded his first vocal countdown, Top 7 Burnout Tracks.

His dream for the future.

Despite being out for only 2 days, it has recieved very positive feedback, and introduced his new intro and credits. He still has his dream of becoming a voice actor, but also wants to start learning the Electric Guitar again due to listening to amazing guitar covers, made by youtubers such as FamilyJules7X and 331Erock. He has started a very laid-back Lp of Pokemon Emerald. Nothing new or exciting has happened in his life, apart from getting a lot of new games, such as Metal Gear Rising, Trinity Universe, Saints Row The Third and Katawa Shoujo. Lately, nothing new is happening in his life, well, apart from his undying love for Lucius and Lilly. He has recently got an Elgato Capture Card, so now he can FINALLY let's play Trinity Universe! Apart from that, he has gradually continued his Emerald let's play, and has enabled custom thumbnails too. Now, he hasn't really done much, apart from play EVEN MORE games! These include Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, and Pokemon X. Oh lawdy, a LOT of Pokemon X. He's probably no interest in picking up the guitar again. Instead, he's an inspiration to play the Drums. I have literally nothing going on in my life so yeah.

The Zephyr Rogue:Edit

Oh boi. After changing his tag (For hopefully the last time) Sam now has his inspiration and motivation to go back to videos. He has some ideas in mind, such as a few games for LPing and a few countdown ideas as well. He has literally been doing nothing beforehand except exams and playing games. He's been embracing his inner hikikomori as well. What a weeb. He has his most important year this year school wise, but that won't stop him from interacting with the family. In fact, he's already got a countdown in the works!

Videos on Youtube:Edit

Solo Videos:


Other Stuff:Edit

Upcoming Stuff:Edit

  • Let's Play Trinity Universe
  • Let's Play Metal Gear Rising
  • Let's Re-boot Sonic Heroes

Gaming Family Collab Videos:Edit

The Gaming Family 2012 - 2014:


Other Videos:

  • N/A

The Gaming Family 2015 Onwards:


  • N/A at this point in time.

Other Videos:

  • N/A at this point in time.


Samuel is a VERY friendly guy. He is willing to give just about anyone a hand if they need it, though can be a bit demanding at points. After an event with Humanutopia, his courage has been amped and is now very confident to just be himself, no matter what others think. He is one who dislikes arguments, but joins in to try calm everyone down. Actually, he probably just makes it worse.

Nowerdays, Sam is quite a quiet guy, unless he's just in the mood for being loud, but he still retains the friendliness he had back then.


He is friends with all the members of the gaming family, Max the most, as he was the first member he met. While he see's some flaws in some people, it should be known that he does not dislike a single famillian.

Ha, that's pretty bullshit at this point. Look, he likes most famillians, though there are a slight FEW who can annoy him at times, and he can also annoy back. I mean, hey, it's all part of being a family, right?

Basically, he loves everyone.


Casual Gaming: Samuel plays a variety of games, but hasn't played the fantastic ones that EVERYONE talks about (FF Series, Shadow of the Colossus,etc). He mainly plays Sonic games, and his top 3 are Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance 3 & Sonic 3 & Knuckles. He also plays Pokemon too, and his favourites are Emerald, Black 2 & Platinum. He has played Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend, Kid Icarus Uprising, VVVVVV, Halo Reach, Megaman X, No More Heroes 2, Pikmin 2, Okami, Persona 3 Portable & Mercury HD. His favourite genre of gameplay will always be RPGs, but he likes 2D/3D platformers the second most. The most recently played games of his are Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Trinity Universe, both rank in his Top 5 Favourite Games of all time. As of the end of 2013, he's gotten into even more games, such as Animal Crossing, Digital Devil Saga, and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Online Gaming:Edit

Samuel used to play a lot of online wii games, such as Mario Kart Wii. However, since he got a 360 and Halo Reach, he played it online non stop for nearly 2 years. However, about a year ago, he's stopped after getting a 3DS and Kid Icarus Uprising & Mario Kart 7. He also used to play Pokemon Online, but has quit due to not liking Wi-fi battling much. He now plays Blazblue CS Extend (PS3), PSAS (PS3) and Uncharted 3 (PS3) online with Max, Austin and CutManRules


Gaming Family Games:Edit

Advent Chaos:Edit

Sam wll appear in Advent Chaos as one of the Good Admins. He is required to beat the game and will use One handed swords, but will duel wield them, unlike Stelios, the protagonist, who will strictly use one one-handed sword. His element is Wind and his profile is below.

(I have no idea if Advent Chaos is still a thing btw)


When Samuel was growing up, he mainly listened to Rock & Pop music, and maybe the occasional Rap. Now, he listens to Trance, Nightcore, and Immediate music. He typically doesn't mind any type of music, but he hates hates hates hates hates opera, since it just doesn't suit his style.

His favourite song (Reality wise) is Mr. Brightside by The Killers OR This is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars. His favourite bands/singers include Thirty Seconds to Mars. Seriously, these guys mang.

What others think of him:Edit


"The Craziest Laugh ever known to Human Kind" - Speed Buster.

"Great guy, and his laugh... NEVER AGAIN."-The Water Waka

" Nice and funny guy and is hilarious and fun to go on Xbox with"-Newastlemhull

BLAMESAMFORLAIFU - The Most Interesting Stelios in the Universe.


"Ah, Zeph. You drive me to act like a pervert, yet I treat you like my younger brother regardless. The Family's lucky to have you as one of its founders, and I hope to collaborate on something with you in the near future. I'm glad to have gotten to know you." - Kitsune Hawk

"Ollie raped him, and goddamnit, I'm scired for life"-JrGamer27

Favourite Quotes:Edit

"Don't fuck with this Senator!" - Quoting Armstrong.

"Ashes to Ashes, motherfucker!" - Quoting Armstrong.


"Orange is the name of my loyalty!" - Quoting Jeremiah Gottwald.

"#monopoly" - Quoting Your Grammer Sucks.

"What was that...about BEING A SLOW LEARNER!?" - Quoting Shizuo Heiwajima.

"Izaya...IZAYA...GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARD! IZAYA!!!!!!!" - Quoting Shizuo Heiwajima.

"I'm queen of the castle~" - Quoting Nora Valkyrie.

"Antenna is wrong, Tension is correct!" - Quoting Lucius.

"Don't lump my Tension Gauge, in the same catagory, as a special effects, Sci-Fi movie monster!!" - Quoting Lucius.

"Hoochie's don't know bout my Tension Gauge." - Quoting Lucius T-shirt meme thing.

"Boom!" - Quoting Mr. Champloo.

"*Gasp* WE'LL BREAK HIS LEGS!!" - Quoting Nora Valkyrie.


"Huh?" - Sam

"That's not Attack on Titan, thats............. Yeah!" - Sam on a bad day.

"He's a cock! Be right back! Gotta go piss!" - Sam when he REALLY needs to piss.


  • He is the Admin of a Rogue's Legacy
    • Formerly he was the Admin of Fun, '"Admin of Being the butt monkey. Because, let's face it, he is, indeed, the butt monkey, for EVERYTHING!" Admin of Lucius, Admin of NANOMACHINES SON, Admin of Fun and the Admin of Mental Breakdowns,
      • As a joke, he was the Admin of Ollie.
        • Because of this he has had the most admin tags out of any admin in the family.
  • His favourite word is Cunt. Expect him to say it a lot. ;)
  • He is a perv. OH BOI HE'S A BIG PERV
    • In his real life group of friends he is the traditional pervert [and cunt] of the group. Along with the traditional silent kid that always gets good marks who is actually a cunt, the ordinary kid thats average at everything, the random foreign/transfer kid who is actually hungarian which is actually a unique nationality for a transfer kid, some random kid who actually has a gf but is super shy, and that weeb/annoying kid that nobody likes. Like seriously he's a wanker. They're all nerds with no hopes at getting a girlfriend at all. (Except the super shy asshole)
  • He is taking English, Maths, Science, Spanish, Graphics, ICT/Computer stuff and Drama at school for his GCSEs. Out of all of these he enjoys Drama, ICT and P.E (which everyone does anyway) the most.
  • His ass got kicked by Unlimited Rachel in CS Extend.
    • like 3 years ago lel
  • His 2 mascot are The Dark Hero, Lucius (Trinity Universe), and Lilly Satou (Katawa Shoujo).
    • His other mascots are Neptune/Purple Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia), Simon (Gurren Lagann) and Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tail).
      • On a previous note, his mascots are always a boy and a girl. It used to be Shizuo Heiwajima and Shizune Hakamichi, prior to that was Jeremiah Gottwald and Ruby Rose, and before that, Sonic & Sailor Mercury.
  • He is a Brony as of 08/08/12 (and the other bronies of the family are so fucking happy, if there are any left.).
    • His favourite pony is Fluttershy
      • Even though he has hardly any interest in the show (Mainly season 3), he is still (Semi) Brony and probably wouldn't have a problem watching Season 1 or 2 again.
        • Ha. He's not even a brony anymore. hehe
  • He sucks at Megaman.
  • He despises LoZ, CoD & Skyrim.
  • His favourite Pokemon is ???. (Yes, Missingno is too good mayne~)
    • But srsly its Swampert he's too beautiful.
  • His favourite OST's are;
    1. Katawa Shoujo OST (Mainly because it has songs that go with every situation imaginable)
    2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST' (What? You expected me NOT to like this? You dumb mayne~)
    3. VVVVVV OST (8-bit mastery ftw!)
    4. Liberation Maiden OST (It good, it very good!)
    5. Persona 4 Arena OST (...I just like it, kay?)
    • That momment when THIS IS SO DAMN OUTDATED FAK
  • His dream for the future is to become a professional voice actor. Because of this, he has done a bit of researching into voice actors and has comprised a list of his favourites. His favourite voice actors include:
    • Crispin Freeman, voice of Jeremiah Gottwald [Code Geass], Sundowner [Metal Gear Rising] and Shizuo Heiwajima [Durarara!!].
    • Johnny Yong Bosch, voice of Lelouch Vi Britannia/Zero [Code Geass], Sanada Yukimura [Sengoku Basara]. Yu Narukami/Tohru Adachi [Persona 4], Izaya Orihara [Durarara!!], Itsuki Koizumi [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya], Vash the Stampede [Trigun], Artemis [Sailor Moon Re-dub], Almaz [Disgaea 3] and Rossiu [Gurren Lagann]
      • He was also Adam [The second Black Ranger] in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    • Bryce Papenbrook, voice of Lucius [My god damn mascot], Masaomi Kida [Durarara!!], Zidane [Dissidia] and Henry [Fire Emblem: Awakening].
    • Vic Mignogna, voice of Junpei Iori [Persona 3], Spirit Albarn [Soul Eater], Mao [Disgaea 3] and Akechi Mitsuhide, a.k.a Tenkai [Sengoku Basara].
    • Troy Baker, voice of Kanji Tatsumi [Persona 4], Valvatorez [Disgaea 4], Booker Dewitt [Bioshock Infinite], The Joker [Batman: Arkham Origins], and Joel [The Last of Us].
    • Todd Haberkorn, voice of Keroro [Sgt. Frog], Morgan (Male) [Fire Emblem: Awakening], Death the Kid [Soul Eater], Natsu Dragneel [Fairy Tail] and Sho Minazuki [Yes both Shos] [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax]
    • David Wald, but only because he voiced Gajeel Redfox [Fairy Tail]. Though he did also voice Master Chief in Halo Legends.
  • His favourite voice actresses include:
    • Laura Bailey, voice of Rise Kujikawa [Persona 4], Maka Albarn [Soul Eater] and Raspberyl [Disgaea 3].
    • Karen Strassman, voice of Aigis [Persona 3], Kallen Stadtfeld [Code Geass] and Rider [Fate/Stay Night].
    • Michelle Ruff, voice of Yukari Takeba [Persona 3], Etna [Disgaea Series], Yoko Littner [Gurren Lagann] and Yuki Nagato [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya].
    • Brittney Karbowski, voice of Wendy Marvell [Fairy Tail], Tomonori [Is this a Zombie?] and Yuri [Angel Beats!].
    • Colleen Clinkenbeard, voice of Inner Moka Akashiya [Rosario + Vampire], Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail], and Marie Mjolnir [Soul Eater]
    • Cherami Leigh, voice of Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail], Sailor Venus [Sailor Moon Re-dub] and Plutia/Iris Heart [Hyperdimension Neptunia]
  • He doesn't do AVGMs, he does EVGMs (Epic Video Game Music).
  • He is an weeb, and has watched a good amount of anime. He has an Anime Planet account. A link is in my box at the top of this wiki page.
    • He also has several lists on his page, including a list of his favourite anime and favourite anime characters.
  • He also thinks that a cross over between the Sonic series, Blazblue series, Persona (3 & 4) and Sailor Moon series would fit, and he doesn't even know why. (This idea was over a year ago folks, and he can still see it in his imagination.)
      • wat even is this
  • He likes Sonic 06, though thinks it's storyline is sh*t.
  • He used to make powerpoints. A LOT.
  • Jeff claims his school to be shit. Of course, that's obvious.
    • Also, fuck Science. Well, more specifically, FUCK PHYSICS!!
        • ...But I'll admit Chemistry is gucci. :3
          • How about fuck science in general. piece of shit can be rammed up someones ass for all i care
  • He likes Minecraft, to a degree. (And by that, I mean only with my bbys Ty and Caden. :3333)
      • Oh wait, we should just do PS3 Minecraft. :33
        • And by that I mean fuck I love this game
  • His main in Blazblue is Platinum the Trinity and Ragna the Bloodedge. He has also taken a liking to Mu-12 and plans to learn her properly.
    • Ha, fuck them. When CP comes out, I'm so gonna main Izayoi~
      • Ha, fuck that. I'm learning how to Lambda mang~ Reason? Izayoi is shit in CP. :c
          • HAHA! I don't even have much interest, what with Ultimax coming out. I'll get it eventually tho.
  • His main in SSBB is Sonic.
    • ​Though he hasn't played Brawl in a while.
      • And by a while he means HOLYSHIT I WANNA MAIN ALL THESE NEWCOMERS LIKE PAC-MAN, SHULK AND ROBIN. Sonic will always be my main tho
        • Sonic is pretty good. But Ganon and Pac are my bitches
  • His mains in Playstation All-Stars are Cole MacGrath, Raiden, Nathan Drake and Radec
    • When did we last play this? fak
  • He knows how to League of Legends. His 2 mains are Lux and Vel'Koz
    • Though he does use other champs too (Like Ashe, Sivir, Vladimir, Viktor and Miss Fortune)
  • He likes the original Burnout, but somewhat despises the rest of the series.
    • He also thinks that the creators of Burnout should remake it.
      • After his first vocal countdown, he is inspired to try out the rest of the series.
        • ...To which he STILL hasn't done. :/
  • He is also writing a story.
      • Yeah, I decided to scrap the original idea. I'm re-doing it neow. :33
  • He is infamous among Ethan, Austin and CMR for beating Austin in a Blazblue match and winning 1 round against CMR the first time he ever fought them online.
  • His has gone through several intro themes, including (Including mini intros too);
    • Boss Theme [Mario & Luigi Partners in Time],
    • A remix of Dark Star Core by DjtheSdotcom (Here ),
    • Solaris Phase 1 [Sonic 06],
    • Lighting Battle [Kid Icarus Uprising],
    • Lust Sin [Blazblue Calamity Trigger],
    • Darkness [Persona 3 FES],
      • And his current intro theme, Collective Consciousness [Metal Gear Rising].
  • His credits theme is Shining Tears that Become Stars [Fate/Stay Night].
  • Sam is to blame for everything.
    • Ha, HELL YEAH I AM! :D
  • While he is the 7th Admin (And one of the first members to join), he didn't join the Gaming Family chat until Mid-April 2012.
  • He joined when he was 13. Now he is 16.
    • When he first joined, everyone thought he was 16/17. They hardly believed he was only 13.
  • He has no interest in Your Grammar Sucks (The ONLY exception being "#monopoly"), and even somewhat dislikes the show (Woah, opinions)
    • He just doesn't see the humour in bad grammar.
    • ^When I was a butthurt bitch^
  • He is one of the most dazzling and amazing men in the family, only because he knows Aluminium is right.
    • And because he's now a beautiful majestic 6'5" black man, with rippling muscles, gorgeous pink locks, sexy legs, married to all his 2D waifus who bore him 8 beautiful children, living together in a huge mansion with like 10 maids and 3 cars.
  • He has made countless amounts of fuck ups. He has even ranked them and here is his Top 5:
    1. "Sometimes I forget I'm from the same cunty as rabbidluigi sometimes as well..."
    3. "I'm not gay, I have a penis!"
    4. "My mum's a cool guy..."
    5. "That's not Attack on Titan, that's..................................Yeah..."
    • Still can't believe I made a god damn list for this. I am pathetic. xD


Shtuff. Nuff said.

  • The Dark Hero Lucius
  • Lilly Satou
  • Neptune/Purple Heart
  • Roman Torchwick
  • Simon
  • Kanade Tachibana
  • Gajeel Redfox
  • Tomoya Okazaki

See Also:Edit

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