So Beautiful meme

How the meme works

The So Beautiful meme is a meme created by The Hedgehog Ninja (cooperraymer).

What the Meme isEdit

When he was auditioning for Fawfuls Minion's Top 15 N64 Games, The Hedgehog Ninja (cooperraymer) decided to show a picture of how magnificent the N64 was and how it was a magnificent console. So he

An example of the "So Beautiful" meme

found, what he personally thinks, a hilarious face of Carlton Banks from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and placed a picture of an N64 over his head as if he is looking at it and expressing it as if it is, how do you say, BEAUTIFUL and then placed the words "So Beautiful" below him as if he is actually saying that.

He then decided "Hey this could make an interesting meme," so he decided that everyone can do their own version of the meme.