Age 22
Date of Birth October 13, 1991
Gender Male
Species Footballer
Stage The Football Field
Rival Newcastlemhull
Friend Pumkin

Riley, also known as Joe Riley, Rilly, TheWaterWak or Bill O'Reilly is a playable character in The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist Royale.

How he became a memeEdit

During the winter of 2013, Stelios was managing his favourite team Bolton Wanderers in Football Manager, usually in a call with Newcastlemhull. A young troublesome player called Joe Riley was a right back who would notoriously get booked (or in many cases sent off) for devillish slide tackles for weeks on end. Tweets to the real Riley on Twitter blaming TheWaterWak for these slide tackles allowed hisself to observe him playing Football Manager. But Riley brought bad luck, as Stelios was sacked from his job at Bolton Wanderers. It's k though, he went straight to Fulham and renamed it "The Gaming Fulham". His first act was to rename all players after numerous characters already in the TGF All-Whores as well as Gaming Family members. Then, Riley was his first and only signing before Riley yet agan became banned for his devious slide tackles and was offloaded to a mysterious club in Tanzania downhill to slide his way to victory.

Then, on the 18th July 2014, Stelios and Mr. Weird went to see the one and only Bolton Wanderers - Joe Riley's team face the mighty Maccelsfield Town on Friday in a pre-season soccer friendly. It was a weird atmosphere, only 600 people there so you could hear the players speaking and the cheers weren't exactly raptures when someone scored. Stelios and Mr. Weird were about to walk to our seats and the teams were announced. Who is playing? Oh just the youth team, the captain and some reserve players which includes a man like no other - JOE FREAKIN RILEY.

Playing godly-tier of averageness, he committed a foul to my memory, but nothing that notable as it was a pre-season game. Riley's hero.

But it gets better. In the 60th-odd minute, a clearance lead the ball to go out of play. The man sat in front of me on the front row stopped the ball but failed to catch it, I caught the ball on the rebound and threw with my two hands straight at Riley who took the throw-in. I think I heard him mimic "cheers". I thought to myself, number 20. Imagine if that was Joe Riley. He then gets substituted off. IT WAS JOE RILEY! GREATEST DAY EVER. I THREW THE BALL TO RILEY! 20/20. WOULD THROW AGAIN. Now this must be incorporated into his moveset Stelios hummed.






  • Although his art will lead you to believe, Riley does not play for Manchester United, but TheWaterWak is a fan of the club, his Bolton Wanderers attire is an alternate.
  • The above trivia exists because Cammy is a lazy fucker.
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