Tyson Raymondo
Raymond wrecks your family!
Age 31
Date of Birth August 9th, 1982
Gender Male
Species Human
Stage Detroit
Unlockable Costume Suited Raymond
Rival Woody
Friend Phil Dicks
Theme GTA San Andreas Theme

Raymond is a black guy, who works Dray's Auto & Repair as a car mechanic. He often gets prank calls from Famous Jewtube members and is often mocked for his voice. He is rumored to be related to many people who works at McGhetto such as Dray and Random Nigga on the Phone, he often wishes people would send pictures of his car to his phone.

How Raymond became a MemeEdit

ANGRY Ghetto Mechanic - Detroit PRANK05:35

ANGRY Ghetto Mechanic - Detroit PRANK

Raymond in action

In a prank call made by Maxmoefoe he called the man known as Raymond, such events is seen in the video above. Two of the members (Jeff & Caden) watched this video and couldn't stop laughing at it. And thus, Raymond became a meme.

Palette SwapsEdit

Default - Raymond has a white jersey with black text and an American flag in the corner, and navy shorts with red stripes.

Red - Raymond has a red jersey with white text and an Indonesian flag in the corner, and crimson shorts with white stripes.

Blue - Raymond has a sky blue jersey with black text and a Finnish flag in the corner, and white shorts with blue stripes.

Green - Raymond has a lime green jersey with army green text and an Irish flag in the corner, and black shorts with lime green stripes.

Other 1 - Raymond has a black jersey with red text and a United Kingdom flag in the corner, and blue shorts with white stripes.

Other 2 - Raymond has a gold jersey with red text and a German flag in the corner, and black shorts with gold stripes.

Unlockable - Shirt Crazy Pants Raymond - Raymond has a basic, beige button-up shirt in place of his jersey, and rainbow-colored cargo shorts with black stripes down the back and sides, white trim, and the six flags he uses in his other palette swaps on the fronts of the legs in a checkered pattern.

The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist RoyaleEdit

Raymond appears in The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist Royale as an unlockable character by fixing everyhting from teh car or van or truck and get 30 $$$$$! Raymond gets pissed that you did his job and you fight him.


Trivia Edit

  • He has a body, birthday and fighting style modelled off 'Murican Olympic Athelete Tyson Gay. For no reason at all. Like everything in TGFAWRR.
  • It is absurdly easy to spell his name wrong and call him "Raymong".
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