Princess Cammy
Princess Cammy
You cocksucker.
Age 16
Date of Birth December 21, 1997
Gender Female
Species Hot
Stage Smashville
Unlockable Costume Americammy
Rival Burner Man
Friend Kira

Princess Cammy is hot the best character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. She is the prettiest, most magical princess the world has ever known, and uses her magic skills to eliminate anyone who stands in her quest to get pizza.

Not to be confused with Princess Zelda you fool . For Princess Cammy's head jewel is red. Zelda's is blue, you poopersalingham.

She is, in fact, so good and so hot that she joined the All-Whores club. Kneel.


It all began one night when Cammy was playing Brawl with Stoots and Mikey. The three sexy British beasts were just playing normally and having funsies and Stelios was kicking their asses.

Then it all changed.

They got bored and decided to be on random for the rest of the session. Eventually, Cammy wound up as Zelda, and somehow unlocked a hidden power within him that allowed him to royally destroy both the inferior Mike and the mighty Stoilses. Cammy had no idea he was such a magical princess, and later ate pizza to celebrate his victory. Legend has it that Michael cried into a pot of Newcastle Brown Ale, whilst Stelios hit himself repeatedly with his Wii Zapper. From that day forward, Princess Zelda was transformed into Princess Cammy, and now the three gentlemen all wish for Princess Cammy to be in every fighting game. Princess Cammy for SSB4. Princess Cammy for PSASBR2. De magicks.

BUT THEN ONE DAY Princess Cammy was again Brawling with Stelioites and Mike, and then (s)he lost, and PRINCESS CAMMY WAS DED

But then pizza, so all was well... But on that day, Camkind received a grim reminder: Lag. It is Princess Cammy's one weakness.

Then on the day that Brawl's online died, Princess Cammy initiated another attack on Stelios and Mike. But it was no use. Princess Cammy was defeated once more. But she will return in Smash Bros U, and she will be more powerful than ever, especially with that giant Din's Fire and Down B Phantom. Get hype.

Role in the storyEdit

Princess Cammy was calmly walking along until she met up with Burner Man. Burner Man fucked her up mercilessly, and Cammy realized that she could not defeat Burner Man, and he was the only person capable of beating her without needing to use lag. She got sad and left, but swore to train and one day get revenge.

Then she met Kira. He consoled her, and they became friends then they sexxed! It was hot.

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