Octodad's here. Nobody suspects a thing.
Age 28
Date of Birth November 11th, 1984
Gender Male
Species Octopussy/Octopi/Octodad/Wat
Stage The Fishing Boat
Unlockable Costume Groom Suit Octodad
Rival Ned Flanders
Friend Squidward
Theme Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Nobody Suspects a Thing

Octodad appears as an unlockable character in The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist Royale. He is an octopus, but nobody suspects a thing. He is a mustard.

How he became a memeEdit

Octodad became a meme after Sony revealed Octodad, a new game for the PlayStein4. Everyone lel'd hard.


Moveset by Cammy and Kira

Neutral Ground AttacksEdit

Neutral Attack - Octodad slaps to the side with his tentacle, then performs a backhand with the same tentacle, and then slams the ground with both of his tentacles. 2%, 2%, 5%. 9% total.

Side Tilt - Octodad slaps downwards very quickly with both of his tentacles. 5%.

Up Tilt - Octodad quickly uppercuts with his tentacle while spinning on his foot. 6%.

Down Tilt - Octodad does a clap with his tentacle arms, with some slight power behind it. 8%.

Dash Attack - Octodad takes a wildly long stride forward, kicking as his foot goes outward and then kicking again with the other foot as he finishes the step. 5% first hit, 3% second hit. 8% total.

Smash AttacksEdit

Side Smash - Octodad holds up a hatchet behind him, then swings it upwards at great speed. Noticeable starting and ending lag, but good power. 18%.

Up Smash - Octodad crouches a bit, then smacks his arm tentacles together above him. Weak but very fast. 8%.

Down Smash - Octodad takes out a simple lawn mower, then grinds it on the ground behind him and spins around to smash it on the ground in front of him. 16%.

Aerial AttacksEdit

Neutral Aerial - Octodad helicopters his legs and arms around frantically. 3 hits, each dealing 4% for 12% total.

Forward Aerial - Octodad spins around, winding up and then performing a slow, elastic butterfly kick. First hit 7%, second hit 6%. 13% total.

Back Aerial - Octodad quickly spins around, smacking behind him.

Up Aerial - Octodad headbutts upwards. An incredibly fast move. 4%.

Down Aerial - Octodad flips into a midair handstand and pushes strongly downwards with his arms. A moderately strong meteor smash. 10%.

Grab AttacksEdit

Grab - Octodad whips forward and grabs with his arms.

Pummel - Octodad constricts the opponent with his tentacles. An average speed pummel. 3%.

Forward Throw - Octodad spins around and flings the opponent forward powerfully. 10%.

Back Throw - Octodad lifts the opponent up, then slams them into the ground behind him. 14%.

Up Throw - Octodad sets the opponent down, then plants his arms into the ground and kicks them upwards full-force, swiveling his entire body around his shoulders. 16%.

Down Throw - Octodad scoops the opponent up and slams them down head-first. 10%.

Recovery AttacksEdit

Floor Attack - Octodad uses both of his legs to kick and get himself back to the ground. 8%.

Ledge Attack - Octodad stretches his body away from the ledge, then slingshots himself forward, body slamming into the stage. 15%.

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral Special - Tentacle Grab - A chargeable move that functions as a specialized grab. Octodad winds up and then whips his tentacle out to grab foes. From there, Octodad flings the opponent behind him, dealing 14%. The longer Octodad reached to grab his opponent (his arm can go about halfway across Final Destination), the stronger the knockback is, but the damage is always 14%. However, if Octodad’s arm is hit by an attack that deals 10% or more, then his arm will snap back to his body and he will be sent flying back with the same force that a foe would suffer if he successfully grabbed them.

Side Special - Tie Stockpile - Octodad, when Side Special is held down, will start placing a bunch of ties in his arms. He can hold up to 7 ties, and whenever he reaches that number or when Side Special is released, he will throw them. The ties move at great speeds, and do 3% each. They can travel about ⅓ across Final Destination before disappearing. This move can deal 21% total.

Up Special - Vent Launcher - Octodad pulls out a fan and sets it beneath him. The fan takes a split second to start spinning, and during that time its direction can be changed with the directional buttons. After that, the fan will start spinning rapidly, generating wind which pushes Octodad upwards powerfully. In addition, the fan can damage opponents. It hits 10 times a second, dealing 1% with every hit and trapping enemies, making it also very effective as a grounded attack.

Down Special - Icy Milk - Octodad takes out a jug of milk and pours some milk on the ground. Anyone who walks over the milk will be frozen solid and flung into the air, dealing 7% damage and placing them in a very vulnerable position. Octodad has to wait for a moment before he can use the milk again, however. Octodad can also choose to hold Down Special and walk around while pouring the milk, which will increase the area that the milk covers, but also increase the amount of time he has to wait to use the milk again.

Final Smash - Cthulhu's Revenge - Octodad grows to tremendous size, then becomes Cthulhu and can attack with his tentacles in a variety of different directions based on how the directional buttons are used. Being hit by his tentacles deals 50%.


Stage Entrance - Octodad pokes his head out of a manhole in the ground, looking side to side as if to check his surroundings, and then climbs out of the manhole and stretches, ready to fight.

Up Taunt - Octodad holds up a tie in the air as a triumphant jingle plays.

Left Taunt - Octodad poses, then holds a camera out and takes a picture of himself, 'smiling' with his mustache tentacles.

Right Taunt - Octodad stumbles over, as if losing his balance, then stands back up.

Down Taunt - Octodad fixes his tie, then takes a deep blub breath.

Idle 1 - Octodad looks behind him.

Idle 2 - Octodad wiggles his arms from side to side briefly, taking a deep breath.

Palette SwapsEdit

Default - Octodad has yellow and pale yellow skin, a blue tuxedo, blue pants, a blue shirt, and a red tie.

Red - Octodad has red and pink skin, a white tuxedo, maroon pants, a red shirt, and a pink tie.

Blue - Octodad has sky blue and white skin, a navy tuxedo, black pants, a white shirt, and a sky blue tie.

Green - Octodad has lime green and white skin, a black tuxedo, green pants, a black shirt, and a white tie.

Other 1 - Octodad has black and sky blue skin, a white tuxedo, navy pants, a navy shirt, and a white tie.

Other 2 - Octodad has bright red and orange skin, a yellow tuxedo, violet pants, a bright green shirt, and a blue tie.

Unlockable - Groom Suit Octodad - Instead of his blue suit, Octodad wears his black groom tuxedo from the beginning of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, complete with his bowtie.

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