On Saturday, June 9th, 2012, the young and childish Justin decided to make a countdown for fun after being inspired by other countdowns. Armed with an elite video editing software (Windows Live Movie Maker), the best microphone out there (his laptop's mic), and a burning passion (only he would see it), The 11-year old Justin began construction on Top 15 Legend of Zelda Songs. He finished the countdown in a day and a half. What resulted was a crappy text countdown with terrible editing skills and horrific vocabulary.

He had so much fun making what he thought was a "good" countdown, that he decided to make a youtube, because obviously everyone would love listening to a 11-year old boy speak about video games who sounds like he's five years old.

The smart thing to do a this point would be to make text countdowns until puberty, when his voice would change. However, the confident and sorta dumb Justin rebelled and decided to do something stupid.

He made Top 10 Kingdoms in Pokemon Conquest, a vocal countdown. While it was a creative idea, it wasn't the smartest thing he could've done. In fact, he scripted it on paper and not on Microsoft Word or Notepad. It turned out pretty bad, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Before he made that countdown, he made an intro to the theme of Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors. Little did he know, he accidentaly used the Gaming Family's intro theme, and that's how he met the Gaming Family. After auditioning for a contest, he got his first subscriber, RBdude98, who also happened to be a youtuber from the Gaming Family, and he gained recognition from there. He later joined the Gaming Family, where he remains today.

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