Mr. Sleep
Mr. Sleep
Age 16
Date of Birth October 2nd 1998


Gender Male
Species Sleppin' Hamin
Stage Sam's Room
Rival Chandle-Lure
Friend Mr. Weird
Theme Zzzzz...

Mr. Sleep is the common name of a phenomenon when Sam falls asleep during Skype Calls. He is sexy. He becomes a strange being under these criteria, as a growth resembling a headset appears on his head, which is imbued with a special power that gives Mr. Sleep remarkable, well, 'awakeness' for an asleep guy. He is sexy. No known pictures exist of him, because the flash makes him wake up. The reason that nobody has ever turned flash photography off is for the sake of making that joke which wasn't even funny so I don't fucki-

How he became a meeeeeemEdit

Sam fell asleep in calls. Multiple times. And there was much mirth. And now he's a character in All-Horrors. Huzzah.


It's hard to say he has any. It's pretty feckin impossible to gauge someone's personality when they're asleep, after all. However, it is notable that he can only be woken up of his own accord, and will do so after approximately 12 hours. No outside attempts to wake him up have proven successful. Despite this, when a fire is lit near him, he will shiver slightly as if in fear. This may explain his rivalry with the FIYER-weilding Chandle-Lure. He is sexy. But not Chandle-Lure. ew that's gross


Moveset by Sammy, Cammy, and Caden(ny)

Neutral Ground AttacksEdit

Neutral Attack - Mr. Sleep performs a simple punch that looks slacked as he is asleep, and then follows it up with a spinning uppercut. Hits twice. Both hits move him slightly forward. 4%, 6%. 10% total.

Side Tilt - Mr. Sleep performs a roundhouse kick angled slightly upwards. 6%.

Up Tilt - Mr. Sleep lifts his leg up and axe kicks the area in front of him very quickly. Meteor smashes at his heel. 8%.

Down Tilt - Mr. Sleep swipes at the floor with his Metal Gear Rising USB. Very fast. 6%.

Dash Attack - Mr. Sleep falls over after running to land on the opponent as he enters a flash sleepsleep. 10%

Smash AttacksEdit

Side Smash - Mr. Sleep pulls out his infamous fan and lunges forward with it, catching the player between the blades. It hits 10 times, each time 2%, dealing a total of 20%. Noticeable startup and ending lag. Deals considerable knockback on the last hit.

Up Smash - Mr. Sleep winds up, and then spins around on his heel and kicks upwards powerfully mid-spin with his other leg, leaning back to do so. 16%.

Down Smash - Mr. Sleep pulls out his infamous Metal Gear Rising USB sword, then holds it down to the ground and performs a sweeping ground-level slash, hitting behind him, in front of him, and behind him again. All of the slashes deal 14%, but they all have sufficient knockback so they typically won’t lead into each other.

Aerial AttacksEdit

Neutral Aerial - Mr. Sleep performs a sex kick. It can be cancelled into any move other than itself. 9% clean, 4% late.

Forward Aerial - Mr. Sleep summons the stepladder, holds it upwards, and then swipes it downwards in front of himself, covering a wide range. Slight startup lag. Meteor smashes in the latter half of the move. 17%.

Back Aerial - Mr. Sleep uses his Metal Gear Rising USB to extend behind him and attack. 8%

Up Aerial - Mr. Sleep faces the screen and performs a very fast butterfly kick, hitting twice above himself. 6%, 5%. 11% total.

Down Aerial - Mr. Sleep goes limp and enters a flash sleepsleep, falling very quickly to the ground. A stall-then-fall. 14%.

Grab AttacksEdit

Grab - Mr. Sleep grabs his headset and whips its wire at the opponent. Fairly long ranged.

Pummel - Mr. Sleep slaps the opponent. 2%

Forward Throw - Mr. Sleep dropkicks the opponent, sending them forwards. 9%.

Back Throw - Mr. Sleep yanks on the cord of the headset, sending the opponent flying past and behind him. 7%.

Up Throw - Mr. Sleep performs a skyward kick, sending the opponents flying in the air. 7%

Down Throw - Mr. Sleep yanks on the cord of the headset, pulling the opponent down to the ground. Mr. Sleep then stomps on the opponent. Hits twice. 4%, 6%. 10% total.

Recovery AttacksEdit

Floor Attack - Mr. Sleep punches on one side and kicks on the other as he gets up. 8%.

Ledge Attack - Mr. Sleep climbs up on the stage and then flops downwards, striking with his entire body. 12%.

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral Special - SleepSleep Arte: USB Stab - Mr. Sleep pulls out his Metal Gear Rising USB and charges up an attack with it. After 1.5 seconds of startup lag, Mr. Sleep will stab 10 times in front of him, each stab dealing 3% damage except for the last one. The last one will deal 5% damage and considerable knockback. 32% total.

Side Special - SleepSleep Arte: Headsleep Swing - Mr. Sleep spins his head around in a circular motion. He then travels rather slowly in the direction he is facing. He spins 6 times, and hitting an opponent deals 4% damage. The final spin as Mr. Sleep swing around much more powerfully, and with his arms facing outwards as well. Getting hit by the last spin causes 7% damage and considerable knockback. 31% total.

Up Special - SleepSleep Arte: Stepladder Bounce - Mr. Sleep pulls out a stepladder from hammerspace. He then stands on it, walks up the steps, and very shortly after jumps a considerably high distance. If used in midair, the stepladder will fall onto the ground and can hit an opponent, dealing 7% damage and small vertical knockback before despawning. If it falls onto the ground it will simply despawn. After the stepladder has been used, Mr. Sleep is not helpless, but can only use aerial attacks.

Down Special - SleepSleep Arte: Fan Summon - Mr. Sleep pulls out a ceiling fan and places it in front of him. It has noticeable startup lag, and during this, any of the 8 primary directions can be held down to decide which order the fan will face. It will then blow powerful wind in the direction it is facing, which can interrupt an opponent’s recovery or approach by pushing them away. If Mr. Sleep uses the move in midair, then his momentum will be halted, but he will be helpless afterwards. The fan will slowly move in the direction it is facing if used in midair.

Final Smash - Super Secret SleepSleep Arte: The Dread Mumble - Mr. Sleep begins to fall into a deep sleepsleep, causing the stage to go dark. He then begins to mumble, and then scream, releasing a wave of pressure which deals 148%. His opponents are then unable to move and stay suspended in darkness. Mr. Sleep will then begin to scream and shout random incomprehensible jibberish. These words will become amplified total deal 60% for 4 seconds. He will then shout 5 random words one after another, each dealing 30%. Finally, Mr. Sleep takes off his headset and wakes up, with divine white flames erupting from his eyes and hitting 50 times in incredibly quick succession, dealing 10% with each hit and ending the move with an instant KO. 858% total.

Palette SwapsEdit

Default - Mr. Sleep has black hair, a white shirt, black pants, and a black and silver headset.

Red - Mr. Sleep has black hair, a red shirt, crimson pants, and a red and black headset.

Blue - Mr. Sleep has white hair, a sky blue shirt, navy pants, and a black and navy headset.

Green - Mr. Sleep has black hair, an army green shirt, dark gray pants, and an army green headset.

Other 1 - Mr. Sleep has white hair, a black shirt, black pants, and a white headset.

Other 2 - Mr. Sleep has platinum blonde hair, a black jumper with rolled-up sleeves, a collared white shirt underneath, black pants, and a golden headset.

Unlockable - Mr. Sleep, Jr. - Mr. Sleep has significantly shorter brown hair, black glasses, a gray shirt with a picture of an NES controller on it, brown pants, and a black headset.

Role in the storyEdit

Mr. Sleep Deep BoBeep was sleeping on the ground. He's always sleeping, but at that point he was REALLY sleeping while Mr. Sleeping. He was sleepsleeping. But he was also holding an XBAX in his hands, as the system was entrusted to him by someone. Francis Bacon said to him, "if you lose this XBAX, people will die." But then a wild Chandle-lure appeared in his sleepsleep and was looking for one thing... THE XBAX! Mr. Sleep McMareep leapt up from his sleepsleep and then was just sleep and he screamed and punched Chandle-lure. Chandle-lure was quite displeased, and the two began their ultimate duel. It was 78%. Whether Chandle-lure or Mr. Sleepfeepcreepmeepseepfuckinshetmcdeepins won is up to Yu, TEH PALYER... have fun?


  • It took us a metherfecking long time to make this goshdarn page.
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