Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?
Age 67 in appearance, actually ~20000
Date of Birth March 12, 17992 B.C.
Gender Male
Species Imperfect Human Clone
Stage Randall's Sacrifice Arena
Rival Benjamin Franklin
Friend Pinkamena
I'd like to ask you to join with us, volunteer, donate, or just pass this message along to a friend. Thanks so much.
Mitt Romney
I'm not concerned about the very poor. I have a security net there; if it needs a repair, I'll fix it.
Mitt Romney, on his plan for success in America

Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician who served as the 70th Governer of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. He also wanted to be president in 2012, but couldn't because Obama.

Romney was unintentionally created by Nerdy Randall on March 12, 17,992 B.C. During the process of Cammykins' sacrifice to Randall, it was decided that he was worthy to be kept alive. Cammykins was given immortality and a godly voice, and then cloned so that Randall would still get the sacrifice he needed. However, another clone was accidentally created that went down to Earth with Cammykins, unknown to Randall who was busy with the other sacrifices, and inherited the immortality. Naming himself Mitt Romney, he proceeded to start his life.
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Romney's true form.

Because he was an accidental creation, Romney notably has many imperfections in his appearance, including but not limited to a tiny face, brain, and (at one point) dick. Later in life he got a dick transplant and now wears a mask to hide his tiny face, however X-ray cameras have discovered his true form. He then joined the U.S. government so that his sufficient lack of brain mass would go mostly unnoticed.

He has a scandal to deal with.

But also a vandal to deal with.

But also a sandal to deal with.

But also a candle to deal with.

But also a Randall to deal with.

Romney became popular amongst The Gaming Family when Cammykins, to poke fun at his brother, sent Stelios a video displaying his true form. The sight of Romney's tiny face caused immense laughter, and since then he has become something like a meme. Then a resurgence in popularity happened with the discovery of this video.

The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist RoyaleEdit

Mitt Romney was planned to be an assist trophy in All-Whores, but Obama didn't let him. That's about all there is to the story.


Because Obama.

Role in the storyEdit

Mitt Romney was snizzity snazzing his way down the street, saying hello to his believers, and flipping off his nonbelievers. Then, he went to the fancy clothing store because his shoes were broken as he teleported into the Land of the Whores. There he saw, to his disbelief, Benjamin Franklin, the beloved founding father of yore. Twit Romney started to hit on Ben Franklin, but Ben Franklin said that Mitt was a shit. Shit Romney then got mad and tore off his mask to unveil his true tiny-faced form. Ben Franklin simply lel'd which made Crit Romney even pisseder. Eventually, Oven Mitt Romney stormed out of the shop, shoeless, and swore revenge.

However, Tit Romney soon found Pinkamena and realized that they were both evil clones. They became 'friends', but not even Pinkamena likes him that much. What an oak tree.

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