The Family's Skype calls are home to some of the most insane moments in history. And all of those moments are memorable in some way or another. Also, for moments of the League of Legends variety, see this page.

ObsidiusFan x ClefairyRoxEdit

People involved: Mav, Jeff, Alex, Ethan, Sam, Danielle, Julian

When: March 21st 2013

During a call in the Mechanical Bosses group. ObsidiusFan came into the call and started by acting like his regular self, when all of a sudden...he started hitting on ClefairyRox.  From there, the shipping went absolutely through the roof.

Google Translate NightEdit

People involved: Mav, Caden, Jeff, Z, Ethan.

When: Friday 29th March 2013

In a group call that initially started as a private call between MaverickHunterZero75 and ThePhantomRiolu, but ended up including JrGamer27, ProDiGyJ0k3r and ZMurcielago, JrGamer27 randomly typed in "LUIGI?!" on Google Translate and clicked on Listen for everyone to hear.  The laughter went through the roof.  For the rest of the night, Maverick, Caden, Ethan and Z spammed message after message for Jeff to write in on Google Translate and listen to.  The call sounded like a room filled with a bunch of loonies having a sugar rush.

Dynasty Warriors YaoiEdit

People involved: Hawk, Ethan

When: ???

Aka, the time when Hawk laughed for nearly 10-13 minutes straight aften Ethan, attempting to get an avatar of Yuan Shao of the Dynasty Warriors series, noticed the first related search was "Dynasty Warriors Yaoi".

Considering Hawk's known for being serious, the laugh came across as disturbing rather than funny for most people in the call.

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

People involved: Jeff, Max, Ethan, Caden, Maverick, Riley

When: Several Dates

Recently, due to Rabbidluigi's list as well as the Family Brawl Tourney, some members have been quite addicted to Super Smash Bros., in the recent weeks, JrGamer27 (Jeff), Maxyboy561 (Max) and The Heartless Soldier (Ethan) have played several Brawl matches together online. Sometimes, people were in the same call as them while they were playing Brawl, which led to some hilarious moments. Here are some them:

Max and Jeff's constant cursing:

Nearly every match, these three curse a lot, especially Max and Jeff, due to them losing quite often, because of both bad luck and overall mediocre talents at the game. Ethan always seems to get the best stuff (ex: getting Lugia from a Pokeball, pushing Max and Jeff into stage gimmicks like the purple spike in Rumble Falls or having Assist Trophies like Lyn and Gray Fox). He also gets characters like Meta Knight, Pit and Pikachu quite often when playing in randoms, much to the dismay of Max and Jeff. The most common phrase in their Brawl matches is "WHAT THE F**K?", quoted by mostly Jeff and Max with their beautiful accents.

Kyogre's betrayal:

This was in a match in Shadow Moses Island. Max died first from suicide, as usual and then only Ethan and Jeff remained. All of the gray pillar/wall things were destroyed and Jeff was winning. He grabbed a Pokeball and summoned Kyogre from it. However, for some reason, Kyogre used Hydro Pump on Jeff and THE EFFECT WORKED! Therefore, Jeff was pushed to the end of the stage by Kyogre and was KOed, giving Ethan the victory. Jeff's priceless reactions led to everyone in the call dying from laughter.

Golden Hammer fail on Corneria:

The match obviously took place in Corneria, and Max managed to get a Golden Hammer. However, the Golden Hammer was situated near the end of the plane and Max couldn't jump to the top of the stage. All while Jeff and Ethan admired the scene while taunting him, Max said another beautiful quote: "GET THE F**K UP HERE!". He ended up killing himself with the Golden Hammer.

'Mr. Resetti causes suicide'

This was in Flat Zone 2. Everyone was doing a fairly good performance in that match. Unfortunately, Jeff activated an Assist Trophy and out of it came probably the most useless one in the game: Mr. Resetti. Due to his already huge hatred for the mole, Jeff was angered, and so were Ethan and Max. Not wanting to endure his tedious speeches, all three of them ran to the end of the stage and killed themselves.

The Nintendog obeying Caden

This was in a match on a stage we don't remember (probably Delfino Plaza) with the same three as before, but with The Phantom Riolu added to the mix. At some point of the match, someone summoned the Nintendog out of the Assist Trophy, as usual, Max was complaining and then Caden yelled "GET THE F**K OFF THE SCREEN!". Surprisingly enough, the Nintendog disappeared from the screen when Caden said that, much to the shock of everyone playing (it also made them laugh until the match ended).

"Do a Barrel Kill!"

During a match on Pirate Ship between Max, Riley and Maverick, Riley had the Golden Hammer and was off on a killing spree, but Maverick managed to avoid him the whole time.  After the hammer perished, Maverick began to brag over his success, but the moment this happened, an explosive barrel spawned and hit Maverick, killing him.  All three of them began to laugh, with Max shouting, "Do a Barrel Kill!"

The Nintendog obeys Caden AGEIN

During a match on Smashville between Maverick, Caden, Jeff and Ethan, someone summoned the Nintendog from the Assist Trophy.  The moment that he appeared, Caden screamed "GET THE FUCK OFF THE SCREEN, YOU FUCKING BITCH!"  And just like last time, the Nintendog left immediately.  Maverick was dying in laughter for the rest of the match and the match afterwards.

Crazy BusEdit

People involved: Alex, Riley, Joey, Caden

When: ???

Sasuke randomly mentioned the Crazy bus game, and out of nowhere Waka left the call to proceed to join back in playing the Crazy Bus theme from Arthur, causing Sasuke to lose his shit from laughing so hard he almost cried. During that Joey left, and CAIDEN joined right when Sasuke was in tears of laughing so hard. The Crazy bus has been quite the song of the Bidoofs now.

Logan's ShitstormEdit

People involved: Jeff, Logan, Max, Caden, Fabian

When: ???

You know about Fucksy? Yeah, this was pretty much the birth of it. It was in a call with many people, but it was in the early days of the Family. Jeff, Max, Caden, Fabian and Logan I remember being in the call. Logan started laughing a little at Jeff's hilarious cursing, but when Jeff mentioned 'Fucksy 3D' Logan lost his shit and laughed for 6 minutes straight. Everyone else laughed at both Fucksy 3D and Logan's beautiful laugh. 

Ethan's Snake VoiceEdit

People involved: Ethan

When: Several Dates

Ethan had a sore throat and for some reason sounded like Snake, nuff said.

Ethan's Egoraptor's Face; Fabian's Sister's Blurp and The Voicechat.Edit

People involved: Ethan, Sam, Caden, Austin, Fabian, Mav

When: April 11th 2013

Ethan decided to make the unthinkable: Try to parody Egoraptor's Scream face, and he gloriously did that, unleashing a burst of laughter for two minutes of everyone in the vocal chat and unleashing a pic, that was leaked in Facebook, with this glorious face, and the question "What the Egoraptor is an Ethan!?".

On the same day, Fabian forgot to plug his mic in, so everyone could hear what happened in his house, unfortunately, his sister burped, causing everyone's reaction as a "What the heck is going on?" or "FABIAN!?", causing Fabian's weird laughter, and his sister's scream, after she knew that his mic was unplugged. Up to this day, she still doesn't believe that they heard her, and that Fabian's actually writing this.

And finally, Ben (MaverickHunterZero75), Caden, Fabian, Ethan and Austin (I remember) were in probably the greatest voice chat call, where Ben finally used his cam, and showed his Crash Bandicoot plushie, his Sonic stuff, his Lightsaber and his posters. Fabian also used this opportunity to show his posters, and his Charles Martinet' Autograph.


People involved: Jeff, Ethan, Mav, Max, Caden

When: April 13th 2013

Jeff was just going crazy.  He had a freakout when he found out that he was echoing, and then began to imitate infamous YouTube partners, most notably Fred and the Annoying Orange.  The laughter and the "SHUT UP!"s were all over the place.


People involved: Sam, Austin, Ethan

When: ???

The games of Blazblue were present. The match was fine until they started random matches. Austin got Carl, and Ethan got Bang. Everything was good, it was Round 3, and Ethan went SUPAH SAYAIN WITH BANG! Ethan went crazy with his teleport attack an Austin couldnt attack him once. He did this until the match ended, resulting in a win for Ethan. Sam couldn't stop laughing.

The Singing Of Snake EaterEdit

People involved: Sam, James, Ethan, DPolaristar, Ethan, Alex, some other people

When: ???

One day, during a batshit insane day playing The Online Board Game. Sam got a chance to play a song, Snake Eater was one of the choices. James begged Sam to choose it, because Sam wuvs his Daddeh, he did so. So because he loved the song so much, James starting singing it, in an incredibly horrible falsetto that people described as horribly beautiful. (Except for Dpolaristar)  Much laughter was had, and the singing of this song later led to the Gaming Family Karaoke night, where James singing Snake Eater is a time honored tradition.


People involved: Sam, Mav, James, Ethan, Max

When: 16th April 2013

Sam brought up the topic of him sleeping in class, and thus, the topic of school begun. So, the talk was all call, discussing stupid moments and stuff, until Maverick brought up the topic of his French lesson. He watched Dark Knight, and of course, it was in French. So he brought up Batman's and the Joker's voice, and randomly spurted out "JE M'APPELLE BATMAN!", and James and Sam died of laughter. James died even more when he spurted out a couple of french Joker lines. Tis true, don't fuck with the french.

The Poke WarEdit

People involved: Sam, Riley, Caden, Max, Ethan

When: April 19th 2013

Riley decided to poke Sam on Facebook for no reason. Then, Sam and Riley had a massive poke war, eventually leading to Sam poking Caden. Caden then got angry, and laughter was happen.


People involved: James, Gabe, Sam, Mav, Ethan, Max, Jeff

When: ???

They were having a talk about religion for some reason. James mentioned him believing in Santa Christ. As soon as that happened both Gabe (James' Little Brother) and James began singing the Santa Christ song from Nostalgia Critic, and much laughter was had.

Max FlipsEdit

People involved: Max, Ethan, Stelios, Sam

When: ???

One day, before a recording of Max VS Ethan for the Brawl Tourney, the two were having a test match, and got New Pork City, Max's least favorite stage. He wasn't getting much done, so he flipped. He raged and we cracked up laughing. Later, Max got even more pissed because Ethan was winning, saying lines such as "FUCK THIS SHIT!", "Oh my GOD!" and "FUCK ME, HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!?". Caden cracked up so much. Even later, he got even MORE pissed than before as Ethan was spamming. Again, these were all test matches, but fortunatly, recorded. They will be present in the bloopers.




"YES 1000 TIMES"... are all entering the wall of fame.


People involved: Mav, Jeff, Caden, Stelios, Sam, Austin

When: 25th April 2013

They were talking about things they consider overrated and, of course since Maverick was in the call, Shadow of the Colossus was brought up. Jeff mentioned that the only real sad part of the game was Agro's "death," to which Sam responded that he could care less about horses.


Jeff pretty much snapped right there, and the laughter nuke went off.  Sam tried to defend himself by bringing up that dolphins are delious, but Jeff was too offended to even notice.  It didn't help the fact that Caden decided to bring up that raccoons are overrated, causing Jeff to explode yet again.

Oh yeah, Austin laughed at this incident as well.  Surprised? I am.

Then Kunkes, Sliver and Snoic Happened. And Squidward.Edit

People involved: Jeff, Max, Sam, Riley, Z

When: 27th April 2013

One day, Kunkes , Sliver and Snoic happened. And Squidward. Simply put, they want to rape us.

You Are a Pirate!Edit

People Involved: Caden, Jeff, Riley

When: April 27, 2013

They got bored, and started singing You Are a Pirate. 'Nuff said.


People involved: Several (Mainly Joey, Maverick, and Ethan)

When: Several (The Last One taking place on Aril 29th, 2013)

During these calls (or rather discussions), Joey would list several shippings, usually bizarre or downright disturbing (these pairings will not be released for the sake of mental scarring). What would occur after so is complete and mass hysteria. One night however, Joey went too far, and he was (self) banned from posting any shippings and or pictures of the shipped pair.

The Talk of Theme Parks.Edit

People Involved: Sam, Stelios, Maverick, Ethan, Caden, Jeff, Max.

When: 1st/2nd May 2013.

We were talking about theme parks, when Stelios brought up the topic of Alton Towers' derpiest rides; Berry Bish Bash and Squirrel Nutty On Ride. There, we just stated that Sam X Stelios is official becuz they ride it togethur forever and evur. THE END.

Operation: Nightmare FuelEdit

People involved: Sam, Caden, Max, Ethan, Alex.

When: 10th/11th May 2013.

They were pulling random as shit faces, some dubbed crazy enough to be considered 'Nightmare Fuel'.

The Great Reggie Petition Facebook Spam of 2013 Edit

People Involved: Stelios, Sam, Caden, Joof, Ty, James,

Special Thanks to Judas for linking us what would start the most gloriously sexual call The Gaming Family has ever had.


Maverick then discovered the petition hisself 4 days later sounding extremely surprised, leaving everyone there on the Sunday in stitches for some reason.

Penis & "In my Pants"Edit

Peniseses Involved: Stelios, Ty, Sam, Caden After his computers autocorrect (yeah Mac computers have autocorrectlolthatsux) corrected the phrase "pe" to penis.

And thus, Stelios was reminded all about how (See Will Smith) he was browsing Facebook one time where a photo dared commenters to "Replace a games title with the word 'Penis'" *warning: immaturity*, he suggested "SUPER MONKEY PENIS" leaving everyone in stitches. After suggesting a few more like "Super Penis Bros." and "iCarly 2: iJOIN THE PENIS" Stelios called for a maturity check but the poop amaz-penis titles couldn't stop!

[23/07/2013 22:09:58] Stelios: We are so mature. [23/07/2013 22:15:38] Flipson: The Legend of Penis: Skyward Errection [23/07/2013 22:17:12] Private 2nd Class Tamama: Pokemon Erection & Boner Edition [23/07/2013 22:17:17] Stelios: how cud this happen to me [23/07/2013 22:19:11] Your one true god, Typhlosion: Teenage Mutant Ninja Penis, Teenage Mutant Ninja Penis, Teenage Mutant Ninja Penis, Penis in a half shell! PENIS POWER.

Were some of the best worthy of being framed. But Stelios had enough penis and decided to change the topic to "Take a Pokemon move and add 'in my pants'" at the end of the sentence. It gave Stelios (and more minorly Ty) a growth in his pants. Caden had sludge which made Sam had a gunk shot in his pants.

It was very sexual.

Caden then selfdestructed.

The Toy Story TakeoverEdit

People Involved (in order of joining): Stelios, Ty, Moox, Maveh, Caden After Stelios joined the call as a Buzz Lightyear face for his video. He realised the Family Topic "The Cult of Sepiroth..." topic was in need of a severe revamp. He dubbed the Glorious admin chat "The Toy Story Takeover" in wake of Ty turning into Woody.

Then upon Stelios' request, Moox turned his avatar into one that would ship Stelios and Ty. And Maverick was soon to turn into Zurg. Then avatars went Toy Story Crazy. Even Jeff became "Squeeze Toy Ellien Kermit". I'm not sure how else I can even explain this.

Oh and Sam was a potato.
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 23.55.57
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 23.42.18


Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 23.20.24

The moment Stelios joined the call and started the "Takeover".

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 23.35.35

The TyWoodyxSteliosBuzz Shipping Avatar

The Curse of the Terrible Metacritic ReviewsEdit

People involved: Max, Caden, Jeff, James, Ty, Ethan

It all started when Jeff was complaining on how people call The Last of Us "overrated". Max decided to look up some bad reviews of The Last of Us. What he found was a review from a Nintendo fanboy with pretty bad grammar. After that everyone went to Metacritic to find some hilarious reviews, oh yeah... Gayfish is a reviewer.

Sam REALLY doesn't careEdit

People Involved: Sam, Caden, Jeff, Max, Mav, Austin, Ty

It started when Mav and OmegaSnake were having a debate over Relius Clover. Sam really didn't give a shit, and he started being random as hell. He first turned on his webcam, and started waving his Metal Gear Rising USB (Raiden's Sword) as if it were a toy. He then got his kitten in the room, and put the webcam near it and started having a cutseygasm. Saying things along the lines of "ITS SO FUCKING CUTE :33333". He calmed down eventually, then Ollie came into his room and started some kinda shit. Everybody was laughing at how random it was, ending in Caden saying "We should meet each other in real life.". Resulting in him even joining by getting his dog. It truly was completely random.

______ Takeover!Edit

People Involved: Sam, James, Maverick, Ty, Austin, Caden, Jeff, Riley, Ethan, Stelios

Persona 4 Takeover:

Yu Narukami: Austin

Yosuke Hanamura: Caden

Chie Satonaka: Ethan

Yukiko Amagi: Sam

Kanji Tatsumi: Riley

Teddie: Jeff

Rise Kujikawa: James

Naoto Shirogane: Mav

Ty was left out...and traumatized...

Whoever remembers it well, someone fill in the BB/FF Villain takeover.

RWBY Takeover:

Ruby Rose: Sam

Weiss Schnee: Jeff

Blake Belladonna: Mav

Yang Xiao Long: Ethan

Roman Torchwick: Ty

Adam: Austin

Ozpin: Max

Junior: Caden

Jaune Arc: Stelios

The Cult of MooxEdit

Poople Involved: Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, Max and Austin.

Also known as the Moox Takeover was an event to honour the Families true Lord and Saviour (of whom created the Families apparent Lord and Saviour excuses that they call mascots). Anywho, earlier in the day Stelios uploaded a flattering thumbnail of Max when browsing through old family videos as per right.
Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 22.47.11
Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 19.41.13
Then Stelios wished for his lover Ty to join him and sent him a gloriously creepy Moox photo to replace his outdated RWBY takeover pic. Max hisself felt lonley and joined in with, then Jeff and Caden joined in due to PEER PRESSURE thus scaring Riley into the Cult and while Austin was sane and normal and lovely and Austin as always.

The takeover didn't last for more than 15 minutes though as other members of the Families faces were soon to be picked on, but as Will Smith once wrote in Shakespeare's Sonnet Collection: "There is no squire hotter than Moox".

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 00.44.15

The evolution of the Takeover, from right to left, Ty, THE REAL MAX, Jeff, Jeff, Caden, Max, Ty, Riley, Austin, or in Swedish: Max, Max, Max, Max, Moox, Max, Max, Mooxeronio. You're welcome. ;)

There was also a brief takeover of the Family chat, with Stelios starting an argument over the real Moox, but it was not in a call so we cannot list it here without Sammy coming for us.

[05/08/2013 00:35:06] Max: Hi. I'm Max.
[05/08/2013 00:35:14] Max: Hi. I'm Max.
[05/08/2013 00:35:22] Max: You see, what we didn't tell you when you joined the Family is...
[05/08/2013 00:35:25] Max: Hi. I'm Max.
[05/08/2013 00:35:32] Max: I am allowed to sell you for meat.
[05/08/2013 00:35:33] Max: Hi. I'm Max.
[05/08/2013 00:35:37] Max: You're welcome. ;)
[05/08/2013 00:35:43] Max: I hate you.
[05/08/2013 00:35:48] Stfulacalins: Hai, I'm stfulacalins
[05/08/2013 00:35:48] Max: That Ho-Oh's me money.
[05/08/2013 00:35:55] The Bolt of Shadow: Oh Lord.
This is gunna be good.
[05/08/2013 00:36:01] Max: The Elliens are coming.
[05/08/2013 00:36:14] Max: The Elliens are coming.
[05/08/2013 00:36:15] Stfulacalins: Austin, you wants to go a good time with me?
[05/08/2013 00:36:23] The Bolt of Shadow: F*ck off.
[05/08/2013 00:36:30] Max: I HATE the Will U.
[05/08/2013 00:36:35] Max: STFU THE FUCK UP
[05/08/2013 00:36:41] Max: I also hate your mother for borning you.
[05/08/2013 00:36:48] Max: Rip in peace
[05/08/2013 00:37:01] Max: What the FUCK?!
[05/08/2013 00:37:05] Max: I don't like much miley
But I LOVE it movie
[05/08/2013 00:37:07] Stfulacalins: So... how became a meme?
[05/08/2013 00:37:10] Max: FUCK the What
[05/08/2013 00:37:12] Max: *fucking
[05/08/2013 00:37:15] Max: LOOK AT THIS!
[05/08/2013 00:37:21] Max: LOOK AT WHAT?!
[05/08/2013 00:37:23] Max: FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FERROTHORN!
[05/08/2013 00:37:27] Max: OH.
[05/08/2013 00:37:39] Max: ho
[05/08/2013 00:37:40] Max: FUCK YOU SIMIPOUR.
[05/08/2013 00:37:57] Max: I'm opening.
[05/08/2013 00:37:59] Max: It's coming.
[05/08/2013 00:38:04] Max: ;)
[05/08/2013 00:38:09] Mooxeroni: Hi, I'm Max
[05/08/2013 00:38:15] Max: FUCK OFF.
[05/08/2013 00:38:22] Max: IMPOSTER!
[05/08/2013 00:38:32] Max: YOU ARE AN IMPOSTER.
[05/08/2013 00:38:42] Max: I'M an imposter!
[05/08/2013 00:38:43] Max: As the real Moox, I think we should stop before this gets out of hand.
[05/08/2013 00:38:44] Max: OH SHIT
[05/08/2013 00:38:46] Mooxeroni: IMPASTRIES!
[05/08/2013 00:38:47] Max: I swear... you should stop
[05/08/2013 00:38:49] Max: Max dies
[05/08/2013 00:38:56] Max: Max revives self.
[05/08/2013 00:39:12] Mooxeroni: Mooxeroni
[05/08/2013 00:39:15] Max: Max
[05/08/2013 00:39:17] Max: Max
[05/08/2013 00:39:20] Max: Max
[05/08/2013 00:39:31] Max: Spolier: I'm Alex
[05/08/2013 00:39:34] Stfulacalins: I don't like much Max
But I love it Lollipop Chainsaw Bosses
[05/08/2013 00:41:41] Mooxeroni: Getting really tired of Stelios' shit
[05/08/2013 00:41:50] Maxwell: fuck you
[05/08/2013 00:41:52] Max: Max doesn't care
[05/08/2013 00:41:53] Mooxeroni: *shot whatever
[05/08/2013 00:45:21] Phil Dicks: SOUP N1GG@Z

Stelios then said oh.

The Great Burning of Samuel's Lovely Wooden HouseEdit

Participants: Ethan, Ty, Sam

Others that were in the call: Max and Jeff

The lovely Trio Ethan, Sam, and the loveliest of all, Ty, (GEE I WONDER WHO WROTE THIS SHIT) were playing Minecraft for the XBax 360. Sam was under the impression that the game was on 'Easy', but it was revealed to him that we were playing on 'Hard'. I only hid this from him because Sam said "Please don't do Hard! It is so scary!" I, of course, said fuck that shit. The trio all had crazy adventures like building houses, fighting monsters, and Ethan flooding mine and Sam's houses. Don't worry, though, he said he would never do that to his nigga, Ty. <3 Anywho, things were going excellent for everyone until I got a message from Ethan on Skype that said:

"I got a bucket of Lava. I'm going to use it on Sam's house."

After blurting out "ETHAN! You beat me to it!", Ethan and I prepared the burning of Sam's House. He was under the impression that Ethan and I were going to dig like no other. I told Sam that i'd rather dig with him. This was meant to distract him from the impending doom. Ethan later thought "Fluck this" and just poured the lava on top of Sam's house when he wasn't looking. Sam... was not happy. He made high-pitched screams of rage and despair. He quipped that Ethan, and especially Ty, betrayed him. Ty, although he felt slightly guilty, was laughing his fucking ass off. Sam meanwhile, eventually burned Ethan's house to the ground. The two houses were nothing but large piles of lava, while Ty's house was still in perfect condition! Ty for Super Smash Bros. 4, ladies and gents. Sam later ragequitted from Minecraft and later typed the most unfortunate thing Ty could ever read on Skype.

"Ty. We are no longer Thunder Buddies."

... ;( Ty hopes that the Thunder Buddies will soon re-unite, and make a comeback! ... He hopes...

A Dramatic Reading of My ImmortalEdit

Participants: Ethan, Ty, Max, Caden, and Jeff

We all had the balls to read through this hilariously bad fanfic with crazy voices, such as impressions I like to call "Horny Demon", "City Redneck", and "Mickey Mouse Fuck". As of now, we have finished reading Chapter 20, but we have plans to finish the rest of the novel. There was nothing but laughs, and I'd be happy to more of this shit in the future! Those big bobs, man...

By the way... Draco... FUCKING DIE, NIGGA.

- Section made by Ty "The Random Gamer" Salmons

Club ShitEdit

Participants: Caden, Sam, and Ty

Caden and Sam were building a skyscraper in Minecraft for the Xbax. They eventually decided to take a break and build a club. Ty later logged on Skype and soon joined in on the action. The three lads built the club with a disco sponge, a pink pool room, and a whole bunch of bitches joined in on the action... But they were brown, had big noses, and all named Squilliam. Things were going well. So well that they all decided to play their own version of Chicken where they would go to the top of the world and drop down to the club and whoever stopped at the lowest altitude would win. Ty won a few games... and then someone (I can't remember who it was) blew up the club and the farm of Jack-o-lanterns... And then an idea struck. The three lads decided to cover the entire crater with TNT and blow up the world. At first it was going to be just that, but Ty built a line of TNT from the crater to the Skyscraper and covered it with TNT and Caden covered cacti with TNT. He didn't like that particular batch of cacti. Once that was done, the three lads built triggers on a few corners of the section to set off the explosion... About 5 minutes later, that section was no more...

...Oh but there's more...

The next day Sam and Caden were continuing building their club, since they saved their game before the TNT was placed. Later on, Ty decided to join their antics. The lads were at building extensions for their club, but Ty wanted to dick around and spawn more of those bitches to annoy Caden. Ty and Sam also built a cage for every mob in the game. Caden and Sam were even building a "secret room" but Ty eventually found it. It was just a diamond room with pumpkins and signs that worshiped Senator Armstrong. Ty later gave up on his antics and built a room with walls made of pumpkins and a floor and roof made of TNT for... malicious purposes...

Conveniently Sam came in his room, saved the game, and lit the TNT and next thing he knew, his room was a giant hole. So Ty later blew up the secret room and the animal cage. Sam later decided to blow up Caden's room but Ty built a TNT line from the room and all over each room and outside the club and on the Jack-o-lantern farm. No one realized this until after the first TNT exploded. Once again, the club was destroyed.

And about Ty's malicious purposes... The only reason Ty built the TNT was so that he knew that someone would blow his room up so that he would have an excuse to blow up their club once more...

Ty for SSB4.

Canadian Valentine's DayEdit

People involved: Waka, Hawk, Maverick, Ethan, Austin

Date: October 14, 2013

On October 14, 2013, which was Canadian Thanksgiving, Waka joined a vocal chat. He tried to wish Ethan and Maverick a happy Canadian Thanksgiving, but instead of Thanksgiving, he said Valentine's Day.

The Hedgehog Ninja Unleashed his true rageEdit

People involved: Noah, Alex, Ethan, Caden

On November 26 2013, Noah decided to play Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. He decided to play the final boss of the game just for Alex and Ethan's entertainment. He was loosing his mind and going insane showing off his true rage, he was showing a side that no one has ever seen of him. He was cursing and shouting during the final boss since he really hates the boss in general. Caden then joins and Ethan leaves the call, finally Noah shouts for excitement when he finally defeated the final boss. He was glad it was finally over; in fact, he even said to himself that one of his profile pictures on Skype perfectly resembles how he felt during the boss battle


People involved: Max, Jeff, Sam

On December 8th, Max, Jeff and Sam were in a vocal, and were doing the Pokemon type template thing, but for their least favorite. Sam then asked what Max picked for his least favorite Gen 3 Fire type, and Max said Torkoal. But at the same time, he burped, and it came out like "TORKOAL" sounding similar to Black Doom. Then the laughing fit began. For about 3 minutes. It made Sam choose Blaziken instead, as that moment made him like Torkoal more.

December 15: Day of BoobsEdit

People involved: Max, Riley, Jeff, Ethan, Sam, Hawk.

Day: December 15, 2013

We talked about boobs. 'nuff said

December 15th

Evidence of what happened.

Video Game Name GeneratorEdit

People Involved: Riley, Marine, Ivan, Cammy, Alex

Day: December 22, 2013

We messed around with a video game name generator. That is all. No specific examples will be provided, as they are offensive. That being said, have fun with it.

The Last of RileyEdit

People Involved: Riley, Sam, Ty FISH Salmons

Day: December 30, 2013

Riley kept fucking up his words, and then he started singing a terrible version of Jingle Bells. Many laughter were exist.


People Involved: Jeff, Sam, Max

Day: January 6, 2014

Sam told Jeff about the Tidus laugh in Japanese, so Jeff searched it up, and played it to Sam and Max. As soon as it began, laughter was all over the place. Jeff explained the laugh as "A fucking crow". Sam completely agreed and used it to laugh at Max's shinies on Y.

Congratulations Ty, for saving Mark!Edit

People involved: Ty, Caden, Sam, Jeff, Max, Ethan, Austin, THE MAIN CHAT,

Day: January 9th 2014

In a random rust video of Markiplier, he was saved by a user called "Darandomgamer". (Un)Fortunately for Ty, people mixed him up with the guy, and his sub count jumped by 200! As such, the many friends PMed him "Congratulations Ty on helping Mark", only for him to reply things like "I hate you all" and "You all ruined me."

...I think he hates us now. ;-; (jk luv u rlly)


Bath MaxEdit

People Involved: Sam, Riley, Max, James, and Jeff

Day: January 11th 2014

Max said, presumably as a joke, that he was vocal chatting and playing Pokémon in the bath. Then, he turned on his camera, and revealed that he actually was in a bath.


People involved: Sam, Max, Ethan, Jeff, Ty, Austin

Day: February 12th 2014

So, when they were trying to get a call started, Sam started one, and by two minutes, his skype already crashed, but he could still talk. Max and Ty left, and Max started another call. Sam wondered what would happen if he joined the other call on his other laptop, and bam. He was talking to Max and Ty in one call, and Ethan and Jeff in the other call! It was such a mind fuck for him. And Max kicking him didn't help. ;-;

I want MacklemoreEdit

People involved: Caden, Ty, Ethan, and Riley

Day: March 2 2014

We were bored when in a vocal chat, and then we started making Macklemore puns for no reason. It made me want MackleMore.

2 Year FamilyversaryEdit

People involved: Max, Caden, Austin, James, Sam, Ethan, Stelios, Jeff, Niklas, Stelios2, Mike, PJ, Noah, Marine, Kira, Tommaso and TeraMortar

Day: March 18th 2014, 2nd Year Familyversary

In a nutshell, we broke a record. SEVENTEEN PEOPLE IN A CALL AT 


All 17 of them (Except Sam, who screen-capped it)


It hasn't ever been so complete. Not much else needs to be said.

It was also Milk Day.

Ty's Working At FUNimationEdit

People Involved: Ty, Caden, Austin, and Ethan

SO. Ethan was playing Marvel VS Capcom 2, and he was using Sakura. So Ty begins to do a Mickey Mouse impression because he thought he was hearing Mickey Mouse. Everyone else began to laugh so he had the brilliant idea to read off quotes from The Room in a manly voice, an Armin voice, a Mickey Mouse voice, and a Connie voice.

Let's just say that those guys will move to Texas and work at Sentai/ADV Films, RoosterTeeth, and FUNimation respectively.

Ballz, Clay, and MAHRIOH Edit

People Involved: Maverick, Caden, Jeff and Max

During a private call, Maverick decided to play some SNES emulators. Among these games were 3D Ballz, ClayFighter and probably the worst fan-made Sonic game of all time...with MAHRIOH!


People involved: Max, Sam, James, Ethan, Caden, and Alastrina

So Cammy wanted to get a glass of milk, so he went downstairs and got a glass of milk. His sister, Alastrina (or Alice) was in the room, so Cammy decided hey, no big deal. It'll only be like five minutes, there's nothing she can do that will severely affect anything, right?

He was wrong as all fuck.

Typical family conversation ensued, with everyone being a wee bit awkward because it's the first time a girl has ever been in the admin chat. But they soon found out how strange and kekky she is. She said she wanted to establish a new world where all the fat people mine ice cubes in Antarctica, and called Sam a faggot, loved James, and said that she "[wants] to give you all my tits and stay here forever <3 <3 <3".

But it gets better. Because Jeff brought up his life force, nudes, and said that everyone should post them. As usual, everyone was like "alright" jokingly, but Alice said okay and asked if she should send them old nudes or take new ones. And then they sent her the ask pages of our enemies Jack B. Stevenson and the Werehog Kid, and told her to post her nudes there, and she almost fucking did it. She was down to her panties when Cammy walked in the room, and when he got his computer back from her, an explosion of laughter ensued.

We almost got nudes.

We almost. Got. Fucking. Nudes.

The "Touching Reunion" Edit

People involved: Fabian, Austin, Sam, Ty, Jeff, Ethan, James, Caden, Max and Cammy.

Due to personal problems, Fabian was supposed to be leaving Skype and League, and thus he started to bid farewell to his friends, so he decided to start a call, and for two minutes he expressed what he felt during these two years with all of the guys over there, almost to the point of shedding a tear in front of them.

After that, they all said powerful and emotional things both in the call and in private, and, after playing a game of Cards Against Humanity by Fabian's petition, he made a vow that he'll return, with a Super Collab, and will stay in there.

Until the other personal problem actually didn't took the computer away, he's unable to do any countdowns at the moment due to restrictions, but he's still able to play League and do Skype.

Sam and Max's Salty BanterEdit

People involved: Sam, Max, Caden, Jeff, Ty, Ethan

In a free for all in ORAS, Max sent out his Slowbro and mega evolved it. Sam paralyzed it, and Ty killed it in one hit regardless. Then Max stated on how it was Sam's fault that it died due to paralysis, and said it would've outsped. Then Sam got SUPER salty and went on a huge rant on how Max should blame his death on Ty as he was the one who killed him, but Max persisted it was Sam's fault. Sam then started getting louder saying he should take his anger out on Ty. Then Ty, Jeff and Max all ganged up on Sam for the rest of the match.

Sam was fucking pissed.