Jin "Ice Car" Kisaragi
His tolerance for scrubs is not really that high.
Date of Birth February 14
Gender Male
Species Hoomin
Stage Snow Town
Unlockable Costume Ky Kiske
Rival Wolf
Friend Spud

Jin is Austin's go-to man in Blue Blazes. He has an icy soard, hates the scrubs, and is known for generating absolutely brobdingnagian amounts of salt. Jin is also Rogno's brother, but we don't speak of the dark ages.

He gets third place a lot, much to Austin's and Jin's chagrin.

Chagrin is such a fucking stupid word. I hate it.

How he became a memeEdit

Jin was an enormous salt miner when it came to many scrubs. He inherited this position for Akihiko, mind controled by the Deity known as Austin. He is the ultimate n00b destroyer and many Gaming Family members were terrified when they heard "Jin" on the Blazblue Character Select screen. Austin simply laughed. He then proceeded beat the living hell out of Ethan, Sam, and Alpha Suneku with Jin one day.

He used to be called Austin's Jin, but fuck that shit. Jin is a strong, independent woman. He don't need no Austin to live! He can be FREE! FLY, JIN, FLY! YOUR SPIRIT WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME! I BELIEVE IN YOU JIN! NOW GO! GO HOME TO YOUR BELOVED WIFE AND DAUGHTER! I LOVE YOU JIN! SOME DAY, I PROMISE, WE WILL MEET AGAIN...

Role in the storyEdit

In Jin's dimension, salt is the currency, and due to only coming 3rd place multiple times, he wasn't able to get enough Salty Bucks to sustain himself. Thus he crossed dimensions to find new scrubs to mine salt from, along with trying to buy a nice new Nissan.

After his latest 3rd place finish, Jin was full of salt, despite making many scrubs going to scrub the salt off of themselves. He was chilling out in the lounge when Wolf stepped in, bragging about how salty he made a man known as Professional Brawl Player Moox. Jin broke the ice by getting in his face, saying there was no way a n00b like Wolf could generate so much salt. Wolf and Jin both took a salt shaker out of their pockets and shoved it in their faces. The two then clashed in an epic duel, that all scrubs and n00bs would watch for centuries to come and simply only have the ability to describe as: cool. The battle never finished, as they both timed out because they were playing X Tekken.

But then Spud stepped into the lounge. Seeing as how they are both British and have monosyllabic names, they INSTANTLY were friends because that makes sense.

The All-Whores team truly is an assortment of the greatest minds of our generation.

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