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The man himself

Future hoody (or hoody from the future) is one of the many hoody's living in the animehoody household.


Future Hoody (also referred to as hoody from the future) is considered to be one of the main antagonists of the animehoody comedy sketch series. He claims to always be from 20 minutes into the future (whether this is true is unknown) and claims to know how to deal with whatever problem is at hand.

however his complete and utter lack of understanding of the situation at hand leaves animehoody and the crew in constantly bad situations. Though he seems at the end to be rather harmless. And is quite instrumental in helping some schemes to work.


Future hoody is easily the most antagonistic of the main hoody's, he is loud, bombastic, over dramatic, and can be seen as quite a nuisance. He also seems to be the most harsh of the clones, as shown in the "animehoody in hell" where he remains the first character and as of yet only character to insult animehoody.

It is heavily implied by his appearance in "Jared plays" that at some point in his adventures to the future. He went insane, as shown by his much angrier behavior as opposed to his original appearance. However, he at least will still attempt to reason with Jared after he snaps after the events of the visitor.


  • He is most likely the most insane of the main characters, as shown by him using his time machine  to go back in time to ask his past self how to open a jar of peanut butter (which hoody coldly rejects) and how much he bashes the other clones and failure crew members.
  • His time machine was revealed to be his checkered over shirt that he commonly wears.
  • In his first appearance, he appeared without his sunglasses and had a Hawaiian over-shirt.
  • His role in "animehoody in hell" was originally supposed to be a one time character, however he has since reappeared in many other episodes and has took the role as a recurring antagonist.
  • His character theme is "Countdown to Insanity" and his favorite character in all of media is doctor who.
  • It is unknown whether he is truly animehoody or a clone from the future.

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