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OH SH*T, OH SH*T expect game overs

The MemeEdit

Ethan Sucks at Final Rush is a Gaming Family meme created by The Primal Warrior after he saw The Heartless Soldier stream himself playing Sonic Adventure 2 and got many, many, game over screens when playing on the final action stage of the hero story, Final Rush.


Ethan Sucks at Final Rush has gotten very popular in the Family, to the point that if Sonic Adventure 2 is even mentioned while Ethan's online, the meme is brought up.

MaverickHunterZero75 has created a song that just says "Ethan sucks at Final Rush" a few times and uses this to taunt Ethan (since saying Dark Souls doesn't really work anymore), to which The Water Waka created a counter-song, singing "Maverick sucks at Judgment!" a few times, referencing the fact that during a recording of him fighting ZMurcielago in Castlevania: Judgment, and losing all 4 matches (despite Maverick having pwned Z in the matches before that were not recorded).