Coldsteel the Hedgeheg
psssh... nothin personnel... kid...
Age Twanty wan
Date of Birth [date]
Gender Dick-having man
Species Hedgeheg
Stage The Plane
Unlockable Costume Cool King Coldsteel
Rival Zed
Friend Mack the Knife

Coldsteel is a Hedgeheg from Hedgehegland. He invented the art of combing for moon stones so he can evolve his Pikach- wait, you need a Thunder Stone to evolve Pikachu? Fuck. Anyway, he likes hurtin people, bein badass, motorcycles, and Nine Inch Nails (the band), for one thing. He hates kids and doesn't believe that anything requires personnel. Coldsteel loves hot gurls with big boobys who are sluts. He also absolutely despises his greatest nemesis, Kevin Robinson from school. Fuck you Kevin, stop showing everyone my fuckin' DeviantArt, you piece of SHIET!


Coldsteel was born in Atlantis. His father is Hitler and his mother is Crimson Viper. He was born with a special power, and because of that he was able to grow to be purple and graduate top of his class in the esteemed Sonic Fighting Academy. He was so monumentally awesome that Bill Cosby immediately enlisted him in the Sonic Military. However, in the final battel, Shadoé the Hech corrupted Coldsteel, causing him to turn against Snoic and kill him by throwing him off a plane. Coldsteel was never the same. He even lost a part of his ear in said battel. He left his parents and left to walk the lonely path of the blade.

He is, in fact, the leader of a small chaos dimension that he stole from Shuma-Gorath, which has no personnel and is completely unsupervised. It has absolutely no personnel and because of that it is absolute madness. But enough of this shit.

How he became a memeEdit

Coldsteel started as a picture on DeviantArt, and then someone found it and everyone in the main chat lost their shit. But it got better when someone found the E3 2014 trailer of Coldsteel the Hedgeheg.

The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist RoyaleEdit

He's also in this game, of course. How could he not be?

His rival is Zed because they're both punk rockin' fuckers, and his friend is Mack the Knife because Coldsteel is the type of shit that Mack would read the everloving mighty FUCK out of.


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