Cammy often has utterly bizarre dreams. This is a page where he writes down some of the dreams he experiences.

The Marshmallow ApocalipseEdit

When Cammy was about 7, he had a dream once where a giant marshmallow (the size of an SotC boss) mutated because of toxic waste leaking into a marshmallow manufacturing plant, causing a marshmallow to grow massive, gain a conscience, and succesfully destroy the world. And it wasn't the Stay Puft marshmallow guy or anything, it was just a massive 300-foot tall marshmallow. And it just went rolling over cities and turning the oceans into sugar water and eventually the world was plunged into sugary fluffy darkness. Everyone died. The end.

The Demon AlligatorEdit

Cammy came to a huge tower, in the middle of the blizzard, with Dante's sword, a shotgun, some grenades, and a Charmander and Squirtle at his side. He ascended the tower and after a long, tiring, treacherous staircase-climbing session, he came to a room filled with leaves. He stepped on the leaves, but then it turned out that underneath the leaves was a demonic giant alligator. At first only its eyes were revealed, which were Majora's eyes, and then it slowly erupted from the leaf pile. Cammy threw his grenades at it while the Charmander attacked it but the Squirtle wasn't there because I don't know. But then the alligator leaped into the skies and so did Cammy, leaving the Charmander behind, and so they went to the top of the tower. However mysteriously it was still on the ground so I guess the tower was just underground I guess. Then Cammy and the alligator engaged in fierce, Devil May Cry-style combat atop the tower while this played. When Cammy told Kira about this, Kira was a happy man.

Niklas is a God?Edit

This is a recurring dream that happens disturbingly often, so often that Cammy also experiences it during the day. Basically, Cammy has dreams that Niklas can "tap in to" peoples' consciousness. What that means is that at any given moment, without the host knowing, Niklas can suddenly start to see what they see, hear what they hear, feel what they feel, think what they think, etc. but without being in control. It's simple but it sometimes freaks Cammy out.

Cave KidnappingEdit

Cammy dreamt once that he was kidnapped, along with 7 or 8 other kids his age (he was around 13 when he had the dream), and they were being held by some guy in a maze-like cave system. They had to go around finding mannequins which looked sort of like Pyramid Head, and punching those mannequins to death. And they were also trying to find exits to the cave but they weren't supposed to. And at the end of every day they had to report back to the kidnapper to make sure they didn't escape or hide. Then one day, someone found the kidnapper's secret stash of their belongings he stole, and then they used their phones to call the popo and when they did, the popo busted down the door with a nuclear laser, cut off all of the kidnapper's limbs with a chainsaw, poured salt down the wounds, and shoved a grenade into his throat. And then they escaped.

Afterwards Cammy was walking through an airport, or a giant mall (some sort of large building) in the middle of night, looking for a way to get back to his home because the popo didn't send them to their homes because they were lazy popo. Cammy just wandered around for the rest of the dream, but he felt very alone, more so than when he was kidnapped. Odd.

Sam's PassingEdit

Cammy had a dream once where it was just a normal day in the Gaming Family chat, but then Sam came in with sad news to bear. He announced reluctantly to everyone else that he had been diagnosed with a terminal disease, and that he had 5 hours left to live. In that time everyone worked really hard to make a tribute video together to Sam which they posted on the Gaming Family channel, getting it out in the last 15 minutes of Sam's life. Sam was happy that they took the time and effort to make the video, and said that he was happier than anything else that he could have spent his last moments knowing he had such great friends. Shortly afterwards, he deleted his Skype account, leaving the Gaming Family chat, seconds before his inevitable death. His funeral was held the following week, and everyone in TGF attended.


Samuel Marc John Phillipson

October 2nd, 1998 - January 3, 2014

Seriously though Sam you might want to get yourself checked soon. Dreams can mean things, man.

Characters in SSB4Edit

This one isn't very significant, but once Cammy had a dream where three characters were confirmed for SSB4: Snake to be returning, a guy with a red jacket and white hair (not Dante though), and a humanoid robot. Whoever they were, everyone was flipping a shit and praising the sun for them and when Cammy woke up, he legitimately thought for a bit that they were in SSB4. Yeah, it was one of those dreams.

The Eyeballs in the PipeEdit

There was a glass pipe in the middle of a red, vein-like thing, filled with tons of bloody eyeball-like creatures that had gaping toothy mouths and were zipping through it at lightning speed. Then they reached a giant cylinder structure and they combined into one giant eyeball, with then opened its mouth so wide that it broke the glass case and then it just disappeared. After that, an extremely fat rabbid with a rectangular, blocky body structure with its eyes sticking out of its body, wearing a jumpsuit that had a hot dog pattern on it walked up to a giant table. A huge bloated thing on the other end of the table turned around to the rabbid, revealing its cat-like face and cinnamon roll-like structure, and then it quietly repeated "PINSIR" at a very low pitch over and over.

What the actual fuck.


Cammy was in a car. He was driving.

That's the dream. Seriously, that's it. It was just Cammy in a car with the most bored expression ever, driving. Absolutely nothing happened. Fascinating.

Although it's weird considering Cammy is actually fucking terrified of driving.

The Driveway in SpaceEdit

Cammy had a dream he was in his cousin's driveway, which was floating in space. Egoraptor, Loki, a fat guy in god tier armor, some stranger, and a body bag were there. Then all of a sudden the stranger screamed and his face turned into a saber-tooth tiger skull, after which the fat god tier guy said "IT'S FUG FNOT FEELINS'!" The fat guy then kicked the body bag off a cliff (which randomly appeared) and looked at Loki with a halo on his head and put on a sweatband, and then everyone enjoyed a box of donuts. Those were glorious times.

Riley's Serious BusinessEdit

Cammy was in the secret TGF base (which doesn't exist) in the middle of the night. Stelios, Kira, and Moox were there too, and they were all sitting around dressed in black cloaks. Then suddenly, they got an urgent call from Sam, who needed someone to go to a store and get things. So Cammy stood up and got in a truck, then he morphed into Riley and Riley started driving down a road to get to the store. Then when he got to the store he took a silver suitcase off the shelf and teleported away in a flash of light. He then entered a strange, dome-shaped area with walls that looked like they were made of blood and flesh, like he was inside a giant creature. There were MANY other people there, too, including but not limited to:

  • An astronaut
  • A chubby, happy-looking girl with blue-green hair
  • Some strange, humanoid creature with a giant swollen snout with a tiny hole for a mouth on the front of it
  • Mike Tyson
  • Luigi
  • Heat Man
  • Cammy's twin sister
  • PeanutButterGamer

Riley handed the suitcase to the astronaut and then teleported away again, and the dream ended.

Reverse Ravine Dragon Aircraft Carrier Battle WorldEdit

Cammy was in a very dark cave in a more realistic Minecraft, except for a hole in the wall which had smaller blocks floating on its edges in a glitchy fashion. He exited the cave and then got attacked by the Ender Dragon, but a giant crab came and killed the Ender Dragon, but Cammy fell off the cliff. It was a giant, huge cliff. But then a white dragon swooped in and picked him up and he flew around with it. He looked around and it was pretty much a regular Minecraft world, but there was a thin strip of land that was elevated much higher than the rest, like a reverse ravine of sorts.

Then other white dragons came up, and one of them had Mike Tyson on it. Mike Tyson then tried to punch Cammy and bite his ear, but Cammy's friend Blue struck lightning down on Mike Tyson and killed him, and then they brofisted and flew to a flying aircraft carrier. Together, Cammy and Blue began storming the aircraft carrier which was filled with Primids from Brawl, and along the way they encountered Pit, Hideo Kojima, Heat Man, a character that Cammy created, and him. It was an intense battle.

It was the Subspace Camissary.


Cammy was riding in a car with his dad down a road, and there was a car in front of them as well. Then a giant ball of energy came flying from the sky at lightning speed and hit the other car. The other car went flying into the air and then landed in a field and exploded into flames. The road wasn't damaged so they just kept going. Then they got hit by 2 of the missile meteor things in a row. Then Cammy just stopped. He didn't explode or anything, he just stopped. Then he got out of the car, and the car transformed into a bus, and all the people who ride on the bus that he rides home from school got out as well. They wondered what the fuck.

Gravity BuizelEdit

Cammy was in a small stone room, and was a farmer guy or something. There was a Buizel digging through a pile of hay in the corner and that made Cammy very angry, so he immediately ran up to it and planned to attack it. However, then all of a sudden a shirtless, long-haired man suddenly erupted from the Buizel's ass and started screaming furiously at Cammy. The Buizel did nothing to combat this. Then the man's nose transformed into a cross between a stag beetle's horns and a scimitar, and he emitted a battle cry and donned facepaint, also growing another pair of arms from his back, all while knee-deep in Buizel anus. But then he erupted from his haven and started chasing Cammy around. Cammy ran out of the room and found himself in the Ocarina of Time ranch. Then his hair transformed into a helicopter and he flew away safely.

Eternal ChessEdit

Possibly the most interesting dream Cammy has had yet. Cammy was in an ancient Greek Parthenon-like structure with a few people he knows, including his girlfriend, his best friend, a couple people from his school, and Ty. Also Sonic for some reason. Everyone was wearing a toga and sitting on a levitating chair around a gigantic, octagon-shaped chess board. It was like extremely hardcore chess. Everybody had their own 'army' of chess pieces, and since the board was so damn big they moved them with telekinesis or magic of some sort. But it was even more hardcore than that. Whenever someone lost all their pieces, everyone got to gang up on that person and fucking murder them. The first person who lost got their face crushed in by one of the chairs, and the second person was dismembered and the sliced-up pieces of their limbs were grilled and served as burgers for everyone else. Nobody liked them because they tasted bloody and disgusting. Sonic then lost, but he was too fast and they couldn't kill him. Then Cammy lost, with his last piece lost to his cousin. Then his cousin stabbed him in the chest and eviscerated it until it was just a fleshy mess, and tore out his ribcage. Cammy stayed on the ground, not dying for the remainder of the game. When only one person was left, Cammy died. But then he reappeared, alive and well, with all the other chess players, in an elevator of sorts. Then they went down into the exact same arena, with their chess pieces back. Then another game began. It was like they were stuck in an eternity of chess-playing and dying.

Wasp HellEdit

Cammy hates wasps and spiders and pretty much all bugs, really. That's important to note for this dream, possibly the only legitimate nightmare on here so far.

Cammy was at one of those places where you take recyclable materials out, and it was a bright sunny summer day. Cammy was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but he was in the middle of nowhere with the big long metal containers where you throw your stuff into big slots on the tops. Except there were only two of them. They were parallel to each other, but the 'exits' were blocked off by two gigantic spider webs. On top of that, the container things were filled with completely motionless wasps and even some molted skins of wasps (even though I don't think wasps molt), and there was one wasp skin that was absolutely gigantic. Like, bigger than a fucking cat.

Anyway, Cammy looked around for a bit and got scared, and then suddenly he was attacked from behind by hundreds of wasps who stuck their stingers in his clothes and used that to drag him into one of the spider webs. And then the giant wasp whose molted skin he saw came out of nowhere and came rocketing towards Cammy and stabbed him in the chest. Then they sat there for a pretty long while.

It wasn't fun.

Loki and Samuel Jackson: A Shpee StoryEdit

Loki and Samuel L. Jackson were broskis living in a cave together, always wearing spiffy suits and sunglasses, and they decided that they would go on a mission to acquire tools. So, of course, Samuel went to the beach. Samuel located a huge pillar of sand, and then he climbed it. A room was there for some reason. There was a girl sleeping there in an ornate bed, and a toolbox on the other side of the room. Samuel started stealing some of the tools, and the girl woke up but she didn't give a fuck and went back to sleep. Apparently this is a majorly illegal act. Thankfully, Loki drove a van filled with gasoline into an explosives department and lit it on fire, blowing everything up. That distracted the stupid fucking popo, and so Samuel and Loki were able to escape. They went back to their cave. The next day they repeated the process, except Loki stole the tools and Samuel drove the van. And the explosives depot was built again, somehow. That continued until Loki and Samuel had the tools to build a PARTY CENTER. They had a party, with fruit punch, and the sand tower girl was invited. So was The Pope.

Then they tried to do it in another town. But Samuel exploded while he was trying to drive the van. RIP Samuel L Jackson.

Furry Underwater Space Hunger SmashEdit

Another extremely bizarre dream. Cammy was a furry anthro wolf (he thinks. The dream was in first-person, although he could tell he had a tail and a canine snout thing). He was swimming in a huge, dark blue void, like he was underwater, but he never had to breathe. He eventually came across a gigantic, extremely precarious-looking structure made of metal, arranged in a way that looked like it was some sort of obstacle course. The center of the structure had a roof and walls, and split off into four halls which soon ended and turned into wall-less, roof-less passageways which eventually started breaking up even further into pipes that looked very unsafe to walk on.

He swam up to it and entered the center, and there were several (at least 50) other furry people there of varying appearances and species, but they all seemed to be male. Then water physics were inexplicably lifted from the place, but they were still underwater. And then all the others ran away and, somehow, it became evident that they all had to kill each other in a giant free-for-all. However, another person who seemed to be a lion approached Cammy and offered friendship, and they teamed up. Cammy and the lion guy managed to stay alive for a fairly long time, running around and trying to avoid fighting. They witnessed several people be pushed off of the edges, which was the only thing capable of killing them, and they fell for a very long distance before a giant explosion occured which destroyed them, and tilted the structure slightly to give an edge to other participants in the battle. Eventually they were joined by a third person who was some sort of extremely feminine-looking fox long hair, and the three of them went around and started seeking out other people. Whenever Cammy witnessed a death, during which he would always watch the entire fall of the victim, he would feel immensely guilty for some reason, even if he wasn't the one who caused it.

Eventually the lion guy and the fox guy were both killed, and the battlefield shot out of the ocean, flew through the sky, and entered space. They could still breathe and traverse as usual, though. Cammy was then tackled by another lion, but it was a different one than the dead one who befriended him. The lion pushed him over onto the edge of one of the floors, and tried to shove him off the edge. Cammy pushed back as best as he could, but eventually started to get overwhelmed by him. However, the lion was soon shoved off by a hyena, and the hyena helped Cammy up. The two of them teamed up and then went around, killing several of the others, until the platform started to tilt dramatically. Cammy and the hyena were standing on the pipe structures, so they had to grab hold of the pipes and hang on in order to survive. However, the hyena grew tired and fell, but grabbed Cammy's tail and almost took Cammy down with him. Cammy managed to kick the hyena off of him and then stood back up on the pipes, and realized that the whole structure had been flipped upside down. The center of the structure had become a plus-shaped arena, and the last few people alive were fighting there. Cammy started to slowly walk over there, climbing over the pipes like they were a tightrope, and then eventually got to the arena. The others saw him as weak and two of them started to gang up on him, but the third guy took the opportunity and shoved all three off. One of them managed to grab hold of the edge, and Cammy grabbed his foot. The third guy managed to grab Cammy's foot, but Cammy shook him off and then started climbing the first guy. The first guy instead let go of the ledge and fell, and Cammy fell with him. They both died.

Holy fuck it was intense and long as shit.


One time, Cammy had a dream he forgot. But then his vision became the blue screen of death in Chinese. How tragic.


Cammy had a dream where there were several extremely violent events that happened one after another, and they all took place in different time period. The only one he remembers is a one where there were two Native American chiefs on horseback were fighting in a huge wheat field. One of them ran up behind the other one and threw a tomahawk at his back, and then split his gut open. His intenstines and blood fell out and flew everywhere and he screamed really really loud. He then fell off his horse, and the horse turned around to look at him. It then continued to turn its head around while screaming and broke its own neck with a very loud crack, and they both died. Rip.

The AnimatorEdit

Some random asshole animator was sitting in a chair in some sort of interview. He was saying that he hated Finding Nemo because it isn't creative with its animation and sounded like a fuckface.

The Tiny-Ass MonkeyEdit

Cammy was sitting in his history class, and somebody brought a really really small monkey to class. Everybody was scared of it, even though all it did was sit there and sleep in a peanut shell. That is how small it was.

Note that the past four dreams all happened in the same night.

My Home CountryEdit

Cammy was back in Scotland, except it was extremely flooded. From above, it looked pretty much like a circular island. There were also some really really really deep pits that led to more water. Cammy and a few other people, none of whom he recognized, were piloting a big ship flying above Scotland that was almost completely white with sleek and polished edges and a few portholes here and there with wooden guards near them, that led to doors that you could open up and probably fall out of the ship through. Strangely, though, the cockpit was Cammy's old house. He was a guard or something and had to walk into the back, which was where everything was white and sleek, and make sure that there were no intruders. That part of the ship was knee-deep in water, but nobody had any trouble walking through it for some reason.

Then Cammy saw an intruder, and started to fight him. He pushed him out of one of the doors and he fell out, but then the water started to pour out and I lost my balance and fell out too. Then he just kinda stood back up and looked up at the ship, and went back inside via a ladder they dropped down for him.

Wasp Hell 2.0Edit

Cammy was sitting with a woman in her mid 30s on a bench in front of his primary school. An adorable little bee flew up and he smushed it, and then felt bad. But then he held his hand up and a huge nasty disgusting winged insect with orange and black 'skin' landed on his hand, so he smashed it too. And then Cammy looked at the ceiling and there were thousands of those fucking things on the ceiling. Then he looked at the woman next to him and she was grinning demonically.

He forgets what happened after that. But he probably died.

Austin's Secret ClubEdit

Cammy somehow got invited to Austin's super secret club. Not sure what Austin has in his secret club, but Cammy knew it must have been amazing. He got out of his house, which looked like where the BLU team initially spawns on Upward in TF2, and then went to where it was supposed to be. He had to walk through a village of women with removable nipples, before he came to a huge cave. It looked like Minecraft and had a floor made of unstable, loose dirt on top of lava. He almost died, but then he reached the door.

And Austin never let him in.

A Very Dangerous JobEdit

Cammy was working underground in a cavern that looked like it was made of some sort of crusty, packed orange sand with multicolored jewels stuck inside of it. The cave was huge and had a small platform against the wall that he used as a starting point in each expedition. Everything else in the cave was a bottomless black abyss, but there were huge mounds of the sandy stuff all over the place, and he climbed them like a mountain climber, swinging from a rope and collecting the gems. Forever.

Falling DownEdit

A very simple one. Cammy was on a huge enormous generic gray brick floating above a massive pit of water, and the brick had a second brick hanging off of the underside of it, which was vertical instead of horizontal like the one Cammy was standing on. Cammy looked at the water for a while, and then he fell. It was sciree.

The Torturous RoomEdit

This is an old one, and Cammy doesn't remember too much of it in great detail. But he was in a tiny, black, square stone room suspended in the sky by a small pole. It had walls with ominous angel statues on it, which were also carved in black stone, and the ceiling was opened up so he could see that the sky was pitch black with a glowing full moon. There were numerous torture devices, which he was tortured with, while naked.

It sucked.

The Gassing of the LandEdit

Cammy was in his school with his friend (who would later become his worst fucking enemy). They were walking through the halls when all of a sudden a huge cloud of green poison gas came flooding down the halls. They ran as fast as they fucking could, but eventually reached a dead end and he and his friend (later enemy) were trapped as the gas advanced quickly. His friend melted, and then Cammy inhaled the gas, had a brief moment of searing pain, and then it all became black. RIP in half.

Team PlayEdit

Cammy and 4 friends (he didn't recognize any of them, and one of them was a raccoon) were in a dense snowy forest. They were exploring it for some reason, and were able to talk to each other and hear each other from any distance like they were using voice chat with each other. Eventually, they came to a big, metallic gate which was painted dark red around the edges and looked like it led into a hill. They knocked on the door and were let inside, and there was a ragtag bunch of guys and gals with medieval weapons, kind of like a Fire Emblem army. They had a great big feast, with turkey. It was great.

The Snowy Scavenger HuntEdit

Cammy was with his dad, his sister, and his grandmother. They were in a strange environment which was snowy and had machinery sticking out of the ground, and also had a few shelves with food products on them, as if it was a grocery store, but it was outdoors, and yet people were still shopping. Cammy and his family were on some sort of scavenger hunt, where they would go to various shelves with numbers written on them in the proper order. There was also always a bald, shifty-looking guy rummaging through the shelves when they got there, oddly. Eventually when they got to shelf #17 or so, they entered a secret door and found themselves inside of a factory.

What happened after that was a mystery.

Five Nights at the Mansion?Edit

So Cammy walked into the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza place or whatever it's called, at night, and looked around and saw some of the rooms that you can observe in both the first and second games. He even sat down at a table with the animatronics and had a meal, and they had the 'toy' designs from FNAF2. On top of that, he held a conversation with Bonnie, but what they said is a mystery.

After that, him and a few people he knows from school (most if not all of them were girls) went to a camera room and had to keep night guard at the place. He actually managed to get out of actively watching the cameras by saying he had some sort of heart condition that could cause him to die if he is spooked too hard.

Eventually they had to go through a door to check a part of the shop out, and there was a flash of light, and afterwards they were all transported into a huge mansion which was completely different from the pizza place. All of the people Cammy was with were still there, but they were all in different rooms. It was also broad daylight, and the animatronics were nowhere to be found.

He forgot pretty much everything that happened in the mansion, but remembers it was treated like a normal day by everyone except me, and almost every room had a secret passage in it that led to another room.

The Retro MansionEdit

Cammy dreamt of life in a 2-D side scrolling retro game in a similar art style to stuff like Shovel Knight. It was in some sort of mansion during the autumn, but the inside of it was all mechanical and secret lab-looking (vaguely like Spark Man’s stage from Mega Man 3 if you’re into that kind of shet). He was playing as some sort of mechanical-looking fellow who was wearing a purple armorsuit with a grappling hook attached to his arm, among other things. He forgets what happens for most of it, but he remembers there seemed to be no way out until he split into multiple creatures (some of them woodland mammals, others blobs of slime, others weird abomination shit) upon busting through a floor that seemed indestructible. Cammy then managed to bust out of the mansion, where everything was real life. He then initiated a first-person moment and some of the other creatures came and looked at him, but he had no idea what had happened to him.

Cammy's Lego Guys vs Austin's Lego Guys ULTRAEdit

Cammy was sitting on the floor in his room with an ENORMOUS pile of lego guys, some of which were just parts or incomplete and some of which were complete. Someone else was there (it’s extremely likely that it was Austin), and they were making enormous armies of lego guys together, which they would then pit against each other using one 1-on-1 death match at a time. When they chose who to use in the deathmatch, they would put them up on the nearby dresser, and then suddenly Cammy (possibly Austin, but he’s not sure) would be transported into an alternate world, where he (they?) sat at a throne in a coliseum made of bone in the middle of a giant desolate desert wasteland, and watched as the two lego guys (turned into human versions of themselves) had a battle to the death in a tiny, funnel-shaped platform, where the object was to kill the opponent and then throw them over the edge. After the battle was done, Cammy (and Austin?) were taken back to the real world, where they would choose other lego guys to fight. Eventually, though, Cammy himself was somehow transported into the arena, and he somehow went over the edge of the funnel and fell down. He was taken down a giant slide-like thing and eventually wound up in a system of tight corridors made of dirt and bone. What happened after that was a mystery.

The REAL LIFE Pokemon Basement TournamentEdit

Cammy was speaking with three of his fellow Family brosephs on Skype, and they signed up for some sort of giant online Pokemon tournament. Except it wasn’t Pokemon, it was REAL LIFE. Apparently you could only take one Pokemon with you, so Sam, Jeff, and Ty (he thinks it was them) all took Jolteons, and Cammy took something he forgot (it was red though, and not a Magikarp). Cammy was then matched against some random girl, who was also using a Jolteon, and who was a fucking Pokemaster and had won every single tournament to ever exist (probably). But then he found out that the actual Pokemon (since it was REAL LIFE) were not there at all, and the girl was pretty chill, striking up some friendly conversations with Cammy. Cammy’s “weapon” was a dumpy shitty plastic little pea-shooter like a McDonalds toy and, as usual, his joints were locked up hardcore and he was wearing a retarded hat that blocked some of his vision so he sucked at trying to hit her while they ran around in a strange area resembling his grandfather’s basement.

After that, nobody knows.

RIP ArgentinaEdit

Cammy was in a call in the old admin chat with some of his friends and they were watching the news. But then it turned out that ARGENTINA WAS IN DANGER OH NO. Argentina (which for some reason was in Africa) was getting completely destroyed by insanely fast lava (which somehow came from a volcanic eruption in Japan). We got to see the lava rushing through and burning everything and melting shit. At one point we even saw a fucking baby melt. And before long Argentina became a giant black scab on this geographically screwed up world. The fucked up part was that Austin and Ethan started singing Cantata Mortis & God of Fire while the fire was destroying everything. Those pricks.

After that, Cammy had a sort of dream within a dream where he remembered going shopping for swimming noodles with Julián, who as we all know, is from Argentina. And, in the dream universe, dead. It was sad.

Lewd DaysEdit

Jeff came over to Cammy's house and they drew porn together.

Pretty simple, but very effective.

The Cammy and the PeaEdit

Cammy was walking through some dead, thin woods, when all of a sudden, he came across a few kids whose faces were covered in blood. And he was like what the fuck. They were standing in a row, totally motionless, and attached to giant metal poles that seemed to go infinitely high into the cloudy skies. Then all of a sudden he got decapitated, and his head was replaced with a pea. He was still alive, but his head was a pea, and he couldn't move or talk and his thinking was very very inhibited. But then eventually someone found him and put his head back on his body and sent him to a different school. The dude said that, when Cammy was a pea, his IQ was only 16. So he needed to go to the super school in order to return his IQ to normal. How odd.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4(?)Edit

Cammy had a dream that was very similar to one of the games in the Five Nights series, and it was spooky. It took place in two different environments, one of which was a spooky dark office that was tiny like in the first game, and one of which was in a basement/sewer type area which had a ghostly green mist on the bottom. Both of them had black walls, and the sewer could be accessed by taking an elevator in the office. The player (Cammy?) was also given a bit of freedom to move around, mostly in the sewer, where they were able to walk forward a bit and look down the hallways/tunnels to see if any animatronic men were coming. During the dream he was only attacked by one, and it was Chica who for some reason was pink and had shit on her head. She also appeared as a black ball of mist rushing down the hallway before transforming into her normal Chicatastic self, and there were multiple of these black balls of mist but none of them transformed.

There was also briefly a glimpse of the outside area which showed it was some sort of castle/mansion-type area. But Cammy forgets how he accessed that glimpse.

The Creatures in the Fucking FORESTEdit

Cammy and 2 other dudes, 1 of whom was a humanoid shadow, were stuck in a dark forest, but Cammy got the sense that they had been there all their lives. They were attacked by creatures resembling the Risen from FEA, and so they tried to escape the forest, but they found out that the forest was fake because it had walls which were pictures of more forest, but those walls had really big slope balcony-looking things up against them that Cammy and his friends sat on, thus escaping the dumbass Risen who apparently didn't know what ranged weapons were.

Wasteland Quest for UnificationEdit

Cammy was some sort of soldier with a blue uniform stationed on the side of his parents' bed using a high-pressure water gun as a weapon, trying to defend the bed from red and white-colored soldiers who were stationed on the adjacent side of the bed. One of them poked his hand out and Cammy sprayed it with water and made a deep cut in it, but somehow after that they managed to make peace with each other. Then all three armies merged with each other and leapt out the window behind Cammy's parents' bed, finding a huge featureless wasteland. The ground looked like it was made of black pebbles, and the sky was blood red. But there were also three generally parallel roads that stretched forward for seemingly forever, one of which was blue, one of which was red, and one of which was white, just like the armies. And so they all merged together into a very large group of 60 or so and decided to follow those paths. Every once in a while they would come across a gigantic cliff that they would have to scale, or an inexplicable 'rest area' that was basically a black building which was a single hallway with a whole lot of sinks inside it.

Goo Park TimesEdit

Cammy doesn't remember very much about this dream. However he was in some sort of theme park-like area; and within that, he was standing inside an enormous stone dome which had arcs carved in the sides. In the center there was a huge machine that was spraying out large amounts of bubbly green goo that stuck to everything and was soft but durable. Cammy's cousins were there, and together they used the goo to do parkour against various things. It was nice.