(NOTE: this game is still in progress, so this soundtrack may not include all songs in the final game, or may include those scrapped from the final game)

Format: Title (Where it plays) (Game of origin - original title)

Town/City ThemesEdit

  • The Keron Firework Display (Keron: City of The Phantom Riolu) (Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure - Main Theme (Full Version) )
  • Shadow Haven (Nocte Vicum: City of MaverickHunterZero) (Dissidia 012 Duodecim - Canto Mortis ~ An Undocumented Battle)
  • City of the Tenebrae (Ángelos Civitate: City of The Speed Buster) (Resonance of Fate - Silver Canyon -Night- [B])
  • Under the Madness' Veil  (Corrupted Continuum: Ángelos Civitate of the Future) (Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Ladder to Heaven)
  • Calm Before the Insanity  (Corrupted Continuum: Ángelos Civitate of the Past) (Shadow of the Colossus - Black Blood)
  • Lifeless Freeze (Opmas: City of Nik) (The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning - Freezer(With Choir))
  • Lifeless Town (Opmas - Purified) (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Sacred Moon)
  • Welcome to Firenze  (Firenze: City of The Heartless Soldier) (Bastion - Spike in a Rail)
  • The Smogbound City (Foxcrest: City of Kitsune Hawk) (Hyperdimension Neptunia - Lastation Map)
  • Nostalgia of the Valley (Foxcrest Liberated - KHawk in the Party) (Wild Arms - Town)
  • Lost Empire of the Valley (Corrupted Contiuum: Foxcrest of the Past) (Wild Arms: Alter Code F - Adlehyde Castle Town)
  • Home of Revolution (Narukami City: City of the Bolt of Shadow) (Suikoden I - Beautiful Golden City ~ Gregminster)
  • A Hipster's Paradise (Mabcria and Deceho: Town of The N7 Commander) (Noveria - Mass Effect)
  • Food for All! (Ogacihc: City of The Water Waka) (Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen ~ Cerulean City)
  • Quiet and Quaint Coast (Coastal Town/Port) (Suikoden - Rising Tide ~ Teien)
  • Mental Oppression (Clan of Chaos-Controlled Town) (Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen - Lavender Town)
  • Nothingness (Corrupted Continuum: Desolated Area of the Future) (Braid - The Darkening Ground)

Dungeon ThemesEdit

Battle ThemesEdit

Character/Cutscene ThemesEdit