The following is a list of Sidequests that can be done in Advent Chaos.

For the sidequests involving recruitable admins, please see this page.

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Speed Buster's Last WishEdit


  • Defeat Present Speed Buster.
  • Defeat Future Speed Buster.
  • Open the Note.
  • Have the Heartless Soldier, Kitsune Hawk and the Bolt of Shadow in your party in the Future Speed Buster fight.


After his defeat at the hands of the admins, and of his own son, the letter dropped by his body has an strange indication: "Go to the Grand Hall of the Future, The Consorts will guide you."

Thus, they went for the Grand Hall of the Future, and the letter was right, his consorts guided them to a secret passage, and they found a different place... a holy cathedral beneath Sanctum Sánguinum, but what it could mean?

The consorts tell the story of how they met Speed Buster, and what drived him to be like that, and then, his spirit; Past, Present and Future appears, to bring a challenge to three of the party members, and all of them consist into fighting some unique monsters, once they're defeated, you'll have to return to the cathedral, and thus, the spirits will be grateful, but something appears out on the chandelier of the cathedral...

...The Dark Stone, a jewel that contains an inmense power, which it can only be defeated by the three chosen ones. it's very powerful, but once that is defeated, the souls will rest in peace, and the consorts will dissappear, leaving three pieces of armor to the chosen ones of Speed Buster.

​Once that is finished, a portal will be opened, leading to the Vermiculus Hall de Cedidit Angelum of the Future, so they can continue their journey.


The Might of the Fallen: A shield which gives Inmunity to Darkness to the wielder (to Bolt of Shadow)

Gauntlets of the Buster: Gauntlets that increase the chances to do a Critical hit to an enemy (to Heartless Soldier)

Armor of the Maker: Armor that gives X ammount of HP to the wielder, and increases its Magic Attack.  (to Kitsune Hawk)wk)